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Skepchick Sundaylies, with Biodynamic Wine, Student Evaluations, and Eating Your Placenta

Sunday Funny: The Future will still have cheat days. (via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Teen Skepchick

Sex Ed with James Dobson: Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings. With Bonus Rigid Gender Roles.
Elizabeth tries to learn something about emotion from James Dobson, but just finds frustrating gender roles.

Mad Art Lab

The (Literal) Magic of Biodynamic Wine – Mad Art Cast
The Gang discusses the weird world of biodynamic wine.

What Do New Years’ Resolutions Have to Do with a Growth Mindset?
Elizabeth explains how to use a “growth mindset” to achieve your goals.

Book Nerd – A Future Wrapped in Foil
A review of M.K. Wren’s 1990 novel, A Gift Upon the Shore.

School of Doubt

Christian Bands and Biases
Jay finds that Christian bands can offer a good object lesson in perspective.

On the Market VI: Excellence in Teaching and Student Evaluations
Going through old student evaluations, Dan finds that size matters.

Grounded Parents

Please Don’t Eat Your Placenta
Placentas are amazing. But should you eat them? Steph talks about the research on placentophagy. (Go ahead and put away your afterbirth lasagna recipes.)

Skeptical Parenting
Jay writes about how to encourage critical thinking skills in children.

Internet Meme Demolition Derby: The Drugged Problem
Is there any way to raise children without beating the shit out of them to teach them respect? Lou takes down another meme on how to rationalize abuse.

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