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It’s the Sundaylies! A Women in Science Reading List, Mystery Memorabilia, and the Benefits of Documentation

Sunday Funny: The Spirit of Festivity is upon us. (via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Mad Art Lab

Jesus Would Be Profiled By Airport Security, Mad Art Cast Ep 38
The gang discuss what Jesus may have looked like IRL, as well as religiously-themed dildos.

The Women in Science Reading List: The Twenty Best (And Four Not Best) Books To Read and Own
So you want to learn about some bad-ass women in science? Dale has some recommendations for you.

The Crystals of Mystery
Celia was gifted some memorabilia from her grandfather’s career at NASA. Now she just has to understand what it all means.

School of Doubt

Jay finds that he documents far more than his colleagues, but ample records have their uses.

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