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Skepchick Sundaylies, with Twitter Choose Your Own Adventure, American Discipline, and Three-Headed Dogs

Sunday Funny: Human Subjects (via xkcd)

Teen Skepchick

Cryptophile: Cerberus
Eddy explores the possibility of a real life Cerberus.

Mad Art Lab

Mad Art Cast — Brainwaves!
Ashley takes one for the team and test drives a ‘brainwave’ enhancement product.

Twitter Poll Text Adventure
Ethan takes Choose Your Own Adventure stories to social media, with delightful results.

The Bacteria Chlamydia and Coloring Pages for #inktober
Amy celebrates #inktober with bacteria coloring pages.


TBT: Social Religion (en español)
What’s a skeptic to do at a christening?

School of Doubt

The Problem With Debate
Jay argues that debate, as it’s taught in schools, focuses on the wrong things.

Crime and Punishment
Giliell has a problem with discipline in the American schools.

Grounded Parents

We’re Pro Choice… Deal With It
For some reason, some people did not know that Grounded Parents is unequivocally pro-choice.

You Won’t Believe What This Mom Did to Fight Pseudoscience!
Steph interviews Grounded Parents contributor and author of Fear Babe, Kavin Senapathy.

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