Quickies: Cancer-hunting virus, intersex person sues for honest passport, and the atheist movement

  • Approval of cancer-hunting virus signals new era of treatment – “It works by introducing a specially modified form of the herpes virus by injection directly into a tumor – specifically skin cancer, the indication for which the drug has been cleared for use.”
  • Intersex person sues United States in quest for an honest passport – “It’s a crime to lie on a passport application, so a Navy veteran born with “ambiguous external sex characteristics” has sued the Department of State for a passport with the label intersex or indeterminate.” From Ray.
  • Why I had an abortion – “I don’t share our story now because it is unique; I share it because it isn’t. The voice of parents who have wrestled with these impossible situations is one rarely heard in the din of political jockeying.” From Buzz.
  • Why I still need the atheist movement – “…a lot of us who were raised religious don’t have the option of leaving that community. The fact I haven’t walked away from atheism isn’t because it’s not awful?—?it’s because I have no choice. For all the bullshit, this is still better than the religious community I come from.”


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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