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It’s the Sundaylies, with Pick the Dinosaur, Queer PDA, Difficult Colleagues, and a Kid-Friendly GMO Experiment

Sunday Funny: Movie Science vs. Real Science (via The Upturned Microscope)

Mad Art Lab

Batman and Copyright
Robin talks to us about art and copyright and how fan art sometimes walks the line.

Mad Art Cast: Performance Anxiety
This week A gives us an update on the “female Viagra” and Ashley brings us a story about Adele and news of her managing her anxiety when performing.

Natural History Science Theater: “Dinosaur”
Check out the new online comic on Mad Art Lab by Ethan Kocak it’s called Natural History Science Theater.


Why “I’m Okay With It As Long As I Don’t Have To See It” Is Still Bigotry
Trav deconstructs the double-standard for straight vs queer PDA.

School of Doubt

The Difficulty of Difficult Colleagues
Peter Nonacs reflects on Geoff Marcy, and the problem of colleagues whose misanthropy is less specifically targeted.

Jay returns to the problem of assessment, and how it can sometimes distract from understanding.

Grounded Parents

Grumpy Old Bugger
On Passive Aggressive Notes, someone posted a note from an angry neighbor who sent in a timestamp of all the times they heard children yelling within a 5-minute time frame while playing in their backyard. Topher responds to this grump, questioning their methodology.

Death – Part II
Putting down a pet is hard, and sometimes being an atheist makes it even harder, since there are no afterlife beliefs to fall back on. Jay had to put down a dog recently, and he comforted himself with a song from George Hrab.

Do Science With Your Kids: Biology Fortified’s GMO Corn Experiment
Kavin writes about a group that is conducting a nationwide, crowd-sourced experiment on GMO vs non-GMO corn. This a great opportunity to conduct your own science experiment, with your kids or other young relatives!

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