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It’s the Sundaylies! With Hidden Treasures, Logical Fallacies, and Bogus Autism Claims

Sunday Funny: Footprints (via xkcd)

Mad Art Lab

Mad Art Cast: The Beauty of Science and Art, plus Dr. Nicole Gugliucci
Join the gang as they discuss a Forbes article on the beauty in art and science.

Geocaches: Hidden Treasures All Around
Every day can be a treasure hunt if you know where to look.

So many great #FoodFriday posts on Mad Art Lab this week. Pears, Heritage and Challah Bread and Cinnamon rolls!
Just click to see!


Escéptica Is Looking For Writers (en español)
If you can write in Spanish, check out our call for new contributors.


Deep Stealth Mode
Vincent reviews a recent episode of the Here Be Monsters podcast.

School of Doubt

Logical Fallacies
Jay is officially teaching logical fallacies for the first time.

Doing Diversity and Doing Diversity Right
Giliell is disappointed by the way textbooks address diversity issues.

God and Dan at BYU: (Discriminatingly) On the Market III
Peter Nonacs responds to Dan’s post on boycotting BYU during his job hunt.

Grounded Parents

The Weakest Link
Topher responds to an article that allegedly uses science to link acetaminophen-use with autism. He goes over what the studies actually say in a thorough explanation.

The Gay Agenda* #3: Those Pesky Pronouns
Cerys questions why more people don’t use gender-neutral pronouns.

So You Wanna Make a Round Challah…(with video!)
Jenny vlogs how she makes Challah with her family. This description is not good enough at saying how funny her video really is.

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