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It’s the Sundaylies! With an Ode to Oliver Sacks, Mycological Masterpieces, and the Real Housewives of Wooville

Sunday Funny: Cheshire Cat (via Hark a Vagrant)

Teen Skepchick

Requiescat in Pace: Oliver Sacks
Elizabeth writes about how the late Oliver Sacks impacted her life.

Mad Art Lab

Making Mycological Masterpieces
Let a microbiologist teach you how to make gorgeous art prints with mushroom spores.

Mad Art Cast — Pamela Gay Interview!
Mad Art Cast has the silkiest voice in science podcasting as a guests week! Pamela Gay joins us to talk art and astronomy!

Kitchen Lab: FAQ
WTF is Kitchen Lab? Beth has all the answers.


Bio: Frances Kelsey (en español)
Daniela talks about Frances Kelsey and how she stopped thalidomide from causing tragedy in the US.


Coming Up for Air
Vince writes about his hectic last few months.

School of Doubt

Practicing What I Teach
Jay wants his students to be open minded. But does he practice what he teaches?

Grounded Parents

The Real Housewives of Wooville
Jenny has given up a lot since becoming a skeptic. But now, woo is infiltrating something she might not be able to live without.

Let’s Talk About Sex In Ontario’s Schools
Angela writes about the new sex ed curriculum in Ontario schools and the inevitable protests.

Sorry Breastmilk, You’re Just Not That Amazing
There is a lot of misinformation floating around about the wonders of breast milk. Jenny sets the record straight.


Two Deaths
Chris writes about the deaths of two people who touched his life greatly.

Featured image credit: Scott Darbey via Flickr


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