Quickies: Medical Doctors versus Alternative Therapists, Torah Sex, and the School-to-Prison Pipeline (for Black Kids)

  • Should Doctors Operate On Intersex Babies? – “M.C. was born with ambiguous genitalia, a rare condition that doctors addressed with surgery. Now, in a landmark lawsuit, M.C.’s parents are challenging the medical mainstream: Why does a surgeon decide what sex a child should be?” Of course, I think surgery to alter the genitals of intersex babies should be banned.
  • What do doctors say to ‘alternative therapists’ when a patient dies? Nothing. We never talk – “Oncologists and alternative health practitioners move in different spheres though plenty of evidence suggests we end up looking after the same patients. When I discover (usually belatedly) that my patient endured the broken promise of an unproven cure, I feel dejected. The more expensive, extreme or exotic the treatment the messier seems the ending.”
  • Can You Protect Your Tummy From Traveler’s Diarrhea? – “There are just about as many misconceptions and myths about traveler’s diarrhea as there are names for it. So we’re here to try to set the record straight — or at least discuss what’s known and not known. We dove into the literature and talked to two pioneers in the field to figure out what causes Montezuma to take revenge, what precautions might work and what to do when your tummy starts to rumble.”
  • The Torah Told Me to Have Sex This Way – “A new documentary, featuring sex advice gleaned from the Torah and Kabbalah, turns out to be anti-gay, anti-women, and bizarrely contradictory.”
  • White Kids Get Medicated When They Misbehave, Black Kids Get Suspended — or Arrested – “Ramey draws on prior work in the field to demonstrate that the far higher rates of criminalization black students experience may be the result of endemic bias on the part of school officials. An American Psychological Association study found that black boys are perceived as older and less innocent than their white peers, and some studies indicate teachers can suffer from the fundamental attribution error, attributing minority children’s misbehavior to different causes than they do white children’s.”
  • Behold the Power of Coconut Oil! – Coconut oil has so many uses–moisturizing your hands, making popcorn, raising your pets from the dead. Wait, what was that last one again?

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Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. Man, David Reimer is why even though I oppose gender essentialism, I could never argue the reverse, that gender is completely cultural; call it gender nihilism, if you will. That’s a pretty huge failure of an experiment there.

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