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It’s the Sundaylies! With James Dobson’s Sex Ed, Swiss Army Hairclip, the Silver Lining of Donald Trump, and Gender Neutral Toilets

Sunday Funny: Science Communication (via The Upturned Microscope)

Teen Skepchick

Sex Ed with James Dobson: In Which We will Most Certainly Drive the Metaphorical Car of Our Life Off a Cliff Without Reading this Book
James Dobson warns about the perils of being a teenager.

Mad Art Lab

Company Makes Awesome Swiss-Army Hair Clip, Also Makes Shittier Ladies’ Version
What’s the deal with Clippa Lady?

Guns N Taxonomy: The Vertebrate Biology of Annie Alexander
Dale is back with another illustrated edition of Women in Science.

Lift a Rock, and You’ll Find Me There
Mad Art Lab has a new contributor. Meet microbiologist, photographer and mushroom enthusiast, Chris Tucker!


Bio: Silvia Torres-Peimbert (en español)
Daniela talks about this Mexican astronomer who will head the International Astronomical Union for the next 3 years.


Why (I Think) Humanism Is A Better Option For Queer People Than Religion
Trav doesn’t know if Jesus would be a queer ally, but argues that humanism is.

School of Doubt

Why I Like Donald Trump. Or, How Can Something So Wrong Feel So Right?
Peter Nonacs appreciates the Donald’s capricious behavior as evidence of a political rarity: a changeable mind.

Grounded Parents

The Ten Things You MUST Do When Sending a Child To College
If you’re sending your child off to college, Cerys has a roundup of some simple advice to follow. Just remember: everything you do is wrong, and the slightest misstep can result in lifelong trauma. Also, don’t follow too much advice.

From Toys to Toilets
Target just took the first step in removing gendered toy aisles from stores. In a right-winger’s worst nightmare scenario, Emily makes the point that this should be the first step in creating gender neutral bathrooms too.

Featured image credit: Jill Carlson via Flickr


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