Quickies: Dude social fallacies, pizza and intersectionality, and “religious liberty”


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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    1. Yes, you’re missing something. These “Dude Social Fallacies” are prompted by “Geek Social Fallacies” which are fallacies into which Geeks often tend to fall. Geeks who want to be happier and have better relationships* are glad to have a list of things we might want to rethink or change about our behaviour so we can be happier.
      “Dude Social Fallacies” are similarly all-too-frequent tendencies that dudes have, and dudes who want to be happier and have better relationships should be interested in identifying their problems and learning to avoid relationship-ruining fallacious thinking.
      That your mind would instantly leap to #NotAllMen is suggestive of your missing quite a lot, actually.

      *In “relationships”, I include friendships and romantic relationships.

  1. I think the summary of 2.3.4 got slightly mangled. That’s the one about when 99% of all women object to something and 1% don’t mind it, don’t ignore the 99%. The example was cat calling. This pertains to things the dude enjoys, not things he finds unpleasant. (Assuming the “to me” means the statement is from the dudes perspective.)

    Re the point about gaslighting, as a skeptic, I believe everyone should always question their perception of reality, but use observation, logic, experiment, science and discussions with intelligent people you trust, not the rantings of a douchebag with ulterior motives.

    The very disturbing point about coffee (oh, nos, how could the sacred bean ever be perverted into a means of evil) lends new meaning to the elevator incident. #notallcoffee!

    Other than those two minor nits and the one blow to the very core of my existance, very important article. I hope it becomes canon.

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