Quickies: DIY bot fly, gay marriage in Texas, and rape jokes

  • DIY bot fly – “Entomologists are not like other people. Lucky enough to score a cool parasitic larva burrowing in your skin after a visit to Central America? The obvious thing to do is to rear your maggot out in your body until it’s an adult fly. For science.”
  • Gay marriage is coming to Texas, so Texas throws a temper tantrum – “It looks very likely that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will strike down the same-sex marriage bans in its jurisdiction. This isn’t surprising. Yet, Texas has decided it will throw a temper tantrum. House Bill 623 would take away the salary of any clerk attempting to comply with court rulings striking down the bans.” From Courtney.
  • Why I used to laugh at rape jokes – “I once was a loud-and-proud supporter of rape jokes because I was fresh out of fundamentalism, enjoyed “fail”-type humor, wanted men to approve of me, and despised attractive women.”
  • The Cosby jokes at the Golden Globe – “During their opening monologue at the Golden Globes last night, hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler went there: They went straight in with a series of very direct jokes about the rape allegations against Bill Cosby.”


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Don’t let the criminalizing court clerks bill distract you from the real threat. There is another bill that has a better chance of passing in Texas that would forbid any non-discrimination ordinance that does not protect a class already protected under Texas and/or Federal law.

    Unlike most states, Texas government is mostly run by commissions of civil servants. Civil servants are very powerful in the state of Texas and any law that pits civil servants (like Cecil Bell’s bill criminalizing civil servants) against the legislature is likely to result in the legislature losing. The civil servants can protect themselves in the state of Texas and they will fight any bill criminalizing their jobs tooth and nail. If worse comes to worse (very unlikely), the people who would be prosecuting them depend on those court officers for their jobs.

    Jeff Leach’s bill (outlawing non-discrimination ordinances) is much more likely to pass and can result in real damage. If you are going to write letters, give money or otherwise support gay rights, please direct your attention to the Leach bill. Leach and company are framing this as religious freedom and falsely claiming people are being criminalized (as in being given criminal records, which is demonstrably false). They can easily win.

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