Playing with Legos at Work!

Over the last few weeks we’ve been spending a lot of time here at the University of Oslo putting together a Lego model of the ATLAS detector. The ATLAS detector is one of the four main particle detectors sitting on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva.

The ATLAS experiment was one of the two main experiments involved in the discovery of the Higgs particle in 2012. My research group at the University of Oslo contributed to the design and construction of parts of the inner sections of the ATLAS detector, and has been involved in the research following the start-up in 2009.

The Lego model we bought and built is in scale 1:50, has over 9500 pieces, and took us somewhere between 30 and 40 hours to build. The Lego model has its own website, and there are several other models available too now.

Carl, one of the PhD students here, was in charge of the build, and recorded a lot of time lapse movies. I spent a couple of days this week putting together a YouTube video of all the clips and images. Here’s the result.

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