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Yesterday, I was invited to participate in a radio show on KPFK in Los Angeles. The show is a one hour talk show run by a coalition of (brilliant) feminist activists called, Feminist Magazine.
kpfk feminist radio
I am on air for about 12 minutes mid episode and am flanked by some really fascinating talk. Right after me is a group of women who talk about the issues facing women in the black feminist community. There is a quote about a slave ship that literally has changed my perspective on the entire world. The very short rundown is this: When the problems you know you are facing are so huge and overwhelming, and seem impossible to fix- you can sometimes forget where you are- and so you need to remember to hold on to the ship. Listen to the show to get a much better explanation, it’s a very moving metaphor.

Another issue that was brought up on the show that has seriously refocused a part of my brain was the question, “Do we even want equality?” The question was posed in relationship to racial equality but when looked at through the eyes of a black feminist woman, you realize that even if racial equality existed, women will still end up on the bottom.

Another amazing thing about this radio show was that the interview right before me was about the famous art installation in the 1970s called WomanHouse and The Women’s Building leading on to the Women Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles. My recent art show, A Woman’s Room Online was inspired in part by WomanHouse so it was truly a thrill to be invited on a show that literally sandwiched me in-between two topics I am passionate about, art and feminism.

AND it was SO much fun you guys! I love radio and I loved being live and on air in an actual studio. It was SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

I highly recommend listening. The show is archived here:

Amy and Teka

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Amy Roth

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