Shirts for when you’ve just landed a spacecraft on a comet

Landing a spacecraft on a comet?! That’s cool! That’s the kind of cool achievement that should be paired with a cool shirt!

Yeah… scantily clad women shirt? That’s not a cool shirt to celebrate the European Space Agency‘s (ESA) Rosetta Project.  But fear not, uncool shirt wearer! We have found you 5 cool top alternatives!

1. When you absolutely must have a Hawaiian shirt for your space project! An out-of-this world option from High Seas Trading Co.!

2. Want a lady on your shirt?  Go with Ada Lovelace! Brought to you by Amorphia Apparel.

3. Are you a self-deprecating engineer? Poke fun at yourself with this Zazzle offering!

eng shirt

4. “How did you get a spacecraft on a comet?” <- Answer that question with this ThinkGeek t-shirt!

5. Going to use the “royal we” to announce landing a spacecraft on a comet? Then dress like royalty with the help of HerUniverse!


Featured image from JHil



DrRubidium is an analytical chemist that spends her days finding needles in needlestacks. Also a science communicator, she focuses on the the science behind everyday stuff and pop culture.

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