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Skepchick Sundaylies: Paper Classes, Dinner Time, and Guide Dogs

Sunday Funny: Orb Hammer (via xkcd)


Pakistan and Nobel Prizes (en español)
Lulú explains why many Pakistanis are not thrilled with their Nobel laureates.

School of Doubt

Campus Security
Apostrophobia talks to her admins about ebola and guns on campus.

Be Careful What You Wish For (Especially When It Involves Prison)
An old acquaintance of Alasdair’s is in jail for horrific crimes, and it got him thinking about our attitudes toward aggressive and misbehaving students.

UNC’s “Paper Classes” are Merely the Logical Endpoint of Several Current Trends
Dan thinks the current UNC scandal is less surprising in light of certain facets of academic culture.

Grounded Parents

The Audacity of a Mother Who Hates Making Dinner
According to one food writer, parents who don’t cook at least once a week “deprive” their family of goodness. And most of the cooking duty falls on the mother (as if mothers aren’t expected to do so much already). Sometimes, life doesn’t turn out like a Pinterest board.

Halloween Candy: Deadly or Delicious? (part 1)
Deek analyzes the fears behind Halloween candy. (Check out the second part of her series too.)

Talking To Your Kids About The Police
Delagar talks about how to teach your children about the police (and offers good advice on what to do when you’re pulled over).


My Time At Guide Dog School
Chris talks about the experience of retiring a guide dog and the training involved in getting a new one.

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