Quickies: Bro science, victim blaming, and chimerism


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Long time reader/first time poster… Had to come out of hiding and say that it’s quite likely I am a chimera! I have sectoral heterochromia, something which can happen for a variety of reasons but is most likely to have been the result of chimerism for me. Psyched to think that I’m going to get two votes (as long as I can avoid the police for murdering my twin, of course).

  2. DUMB bro-science. Queensbury rules had to be brought in to encourage fist-striking. In classic, Broughton Rules ‘boxing’ most matches were decided by throws. Some fighters, like Mendoza, used fist strikes to keep larger opponents from from grappling them.

    Only with protective gear does the fist become a reasonable striking surface. George Bernard Shaw wrote a sharp protest against the Queensbury rules (Shaw was a boxer too) because they actually increased the chance of injury and exhaustion.

    As someone who has actual experience of fist to face striking (schoolyard bullying and breaking a metacarpal throwing a single punch) I’ll throw in my pseudoscientific-anectodal authority too. What an incredibly stupid, data starved, paper!

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