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The (Un)Censorship Project: Live from the Fascist Menstrual Hut

I started the (Un)Censorship Project as an old-timey highlight reel of sorts for the best of the worst comments, emails, and tweets we get on the Skepchick Network.

As every U.S. citizen knows, our Founding Fathers proclaimed the inalienable right to have a commenting platform on someone else’s blog, and the corollary that once invited in to comment, you couldn’t be kicked out for any reason YOU don’t deem justified–you know, like real life, when invited into someone’s home. (See also: vampires.)

Infringing on that right in any way is fascist, especially when we are stifling brilliant dissenting opinions that no one has ever expressed and that have never been debunked, much less over and over.

Unfortunately, I’ve had an exhausting few months of using my long feminist armpit hair to choke the free speech out of those brave heroes with legitimate criticism of the menstrual-blood-fueled Skepchick Propaganda Machine.

I now have some catching up to do on the backlog of inspired artistic masterpieces of righteous truth we have been receiving. (You can see the entire project and follow updates on Tumblr.)

First up, an email through the Skepchick contact form from a man who’s not going to let “gals” get away with menstruation on his watch:

Dennis LaBounty

[“Menstrual leave…I own a company and the first gal that asks for menstrual leave will be gently and quietly let go”]

Artist: Dennis LaBounty, of idealresins.com
Medium: Email
Bio: Dennis seems obsessed with knowing exactly why women take time off, especially if it has anything to do with menstruation. The women who have not gently, quietly disappeared from his company are rumored to be tunneling their escape out of his company’s menstrual hut.

Next we have two pieces with excerpts from a single email complaining about our commenting policy and the outright discrimination we practice against particularly awful and extremely awful people.

Twisted logic

[“I read the commenting policy of the site. . . . one thing really struck me “if you are particularly awful, we reserve the right to warn all our blogger friends about yu and make your email and ipaddress public. In extreme cases we will turn over all your personal information to the police.” Honestly, until you change your commenting policy, I cannot participate in the discussion, out of fear of being reported to the police, made public, or getting hacked.”]

Oh, and that’s not the end of our evil. We also discriminate against bigots, and we don’t even provide them with a definition of bigotry! How else are they supposed to find the loopholes?

bigotry 2

[“The other problem is you don’t define what’s bad. Say, bigotry, yeah. That’s something thats against your rules. But you don’t define it. . . . So if I comment “Wow, this is just propaganda!” you can ban me for bigotry.”]

Artist: Anonymous
Medium: Email
Bio: Our anonymous circus performer is no stranger to contortions of body and mind. Perhaps he joined this traveling band in search of that elusive definition of bigotry, perhaps to escape the police, for he apparently defines himself as so awful that he won’t even risk commenting on Skepchick. We may never know, for he was here one day and gone the next, leaving behind nothing but discarded popcorn bags, wagon wheel ruts, and steaming piles of horseshit.

And finally, we have the racist misogynistic stylings of Johnny Rock, whose comments on Skepchick, followed by an email after he was banned, fortunately answer the above guy’s question about what bigotry is. Thanks, Johnny.

Johnny Rock

[“Man I must only get my jobs due to my privilege. Must be because I have such a ‘white male’ name.Heaven forbid that the people who have lived here for 4-5-6 generations should have more privilege than the the people who come here and barely know how to speak English. . . .Then again maybe I’m fine with my mcdonalds and tim hortons all being ran by Philipinos.

This whole feminism crusade really kinda reminds me of that 1930’s picture of the women who state ‘lips that touch liqour, shall not touch ours!’ Well ‘ladies of the 1930’s prohibition era, take one look at your selves in the mirror and realize there’s a good reason those men were drinking.. ‘hint..it’s because your faces are not aesthetically pleasing.’
I love how I’m the one who gets banned from the comment section when I’m on the one who is getting verbally abused. *thumbs up* fascist skeptic blog is fascist! ;)”]

Artist: Johnny Rock
Medium: Comments and email
Bio: As his name suggests, the artist possesses a complete lack of self-awareness, which leads to that delightful ironic edge in his racism and misogyny. His follow-up work in the Post-Ban era continues his traditional Self-Portrait of an Asshole series, but updated for the modern age by extending his ignorance of what words mean to include emoticons. To Johnny’s cries for immigrants to learn English, we can only say, “You first, Johnny. You first.”

Melanie Mallon

Melanie is a freelance editor and writer living in a small town outside Minneapolis with her husband, two kids, dog, and two cats. When not making fun of bad charts or running the Uncensorship Project, she spends her time wrangling commas, making colon jokes, and putting out random dumpster fires. You can find her on Twitter as @MelMall, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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  1. What poor little mites! Will no-one end their suffering?

    Why the hell do these idiots think that adding vast quantities of word salad to pictures is funny?

    1. The word salad is theirs (and in most cases only excerpted). I set them to the appropriate pictures for the brilliant sentiments.

  2. Johnny Rock :’I love how I’m the one who gets banned from the comment section when I’m on the one who is getting verbally abused. ‘
    ‘hint..it’s because your faeces are not aesthetically pleasing.’

    1. I like how it’s Filipinos in particular that Johnny Rock hates. That’s a pretty specific xenophobe there. So, I would assume he has no problem with going to a McDonald’s run by Indonesians?

      Also “4-5-6 generations”. Johnny Rock, you are my Adorable Person of the Week. ;)

  3. Yeah, I’m good with giving privilege to any individual who lives 6 generations in any place D

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