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ICYMI: October 13 – October 19 on the Skepchick Network

Teen Skepchick

The Physics Philes, lesson 69: Hooke’s Law, Line, and Sinker
Mindy explains Hooke’s law and how it relates to stresses and strains.

17-Year-Old Made to Receive Blood Transfusions
Lux argues that just because someone is a minor doesn’t mean you can discount their decision-making abilities.

Speak Your Mind: Recognize Women in STEM
Who are the awesome science ladies who have influenced you?

Mad Art Lab

Art Inquisition: Can Art Quit the Gallery?
Is a venue required to show your art?

Cursebrand – Chapter 12
Ryan’s latest novel continues.


Ada Lovelace Day (en español)
Esceptica gives you some ideas on how to celebrate ALD13.

God Is on Your Team (en español)
The weird world religion in sports.

Skepchick SE

Stereotype Threat – When Prejudice Becomes a Self-fulfilling Prophecy (på svenska)
Technicolor explains how prejudices don’t just affect how people treat you but also your own behaviour and performance.


Trans* Kids and Media Messaging
Benny is worried that media stories on the experiences of trans* kids is actually enforcing the gender binary.

AI: Community Events
How do you feel about big community events.

‘The Power of Language’
Yessenia went to a lecture on how language can be oppressive. Verdict: Not impressed.

Skepchick Norge

Progress Party, for the Most Disadvantaged (på norsk)
The Norwegian Progress Party isn’t so progressive.

School of Doubt

Pop Quiz: Teaching Unsavory History
How do you approach history lessons when the facts don’t match the myth?

Pop Quiz: Science Olympiad
What do you think of a sports-like, competition approach to academics?

Skepchick Events

NM: The Guild Screening and Skype Conversation
Watch The Guild and participate in a Q&A with the cast and director.

Featured image credit: Duncan Hull


Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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