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ICYMI: September 1 – September 7 on the Skepchick Network

Teen Skepchick

The Physics Philes, lesson 63: Time for (P)Recess
In which Mindy plays with tops and explains precession.

Critical Fandom
Criticizing things you love is necessary if you want to make it better.

Creation: Religion vs. Science
Beccy explores the differences in how atheists and Christians view the evolution of humans and the universe.

Mad Art Lab

Oooh, You Just Got Burned, Part 2
Gigi uses a variety of methods to remedy some wicked sunburns.

Live Performance of Godless Perviness
Victor is featured on the Godless Perverts’ Story Hour.

Impotent Inventern Audition
Despite being Canadian, Ryan auditions to be Adam Savage’s intern.


Spare Some Change for Religion (en español)
Should the European Union allow countries to put saints in Euro coins?


Deconstructing the Anti-Sexwork Video from Upworthy – An Atheist Perspective
Don’t conflate sex work and human trafficking.

AI: Worlds Collide
How do you feel about your different groups of friends interacting?

Pull List of Justice: September 2013
If you want to read comics with positive social justice messages, Kaoru has some recommendations.

Skepchick Norge

Natural Birth (på norsk)
Biologist Marit discusses “natural birth” and why modern medicine has a lot to offer.

School of Doubt

Pop Quiz: What Can We Do About Academic Labor?
As someone who works in education, what has your experience in the eduction labor market been like?

Spiritual Martians, Pieta Vandalism, and an Old Man’s Groceries: A Day in the Life of Richard
Richard is frustrated by the atheist stereotypes he confronts every day.

Pop Quiz: New Ways of Testing
Have you used any novel form of assessment in your classroom?

Skepchick Events

Freedom From Religion Foundation Annual Convention
It’s time to register for the FFRF 36th annual convention!

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