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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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    1. Most of the British commentators got this right not least because Wade was a BBC commentator herself for several decades. Virginia Wade made it to the quarter finals in Wimbledon eight years in a row. I watched her win in 1977. But that was rather a long time ago and until Murray came along she was the last British player to reliably make it to the second week. The only other British player to make it to the semi finals was Tim Henman and apart from Henman there are few British players that even managed to qualify let alone be a contender.

      The other British champions before Wade were before the open era and their efforts don’t really count. They were not the best players, they were the best players rich enough to be able to spend all their time playing tenis without needing to make a living from it. Amateurism was all about class distinctions and keeping the lower classes in their place by ensuring that only members of the aristocratic elite could be champions in individual sports. It was a horrid rotten system.

      Tenis was invented in Britain. Henry VIII played a game of tenis while Ann Boleyn was being beheaded. Britain has the oldest tenis championship and the only one that is played on the proper surface. Not having a brit win for 30+ years and not having a man win for 77 years had become a national embarrassment.

  1. Those tweets about Marion Bartoli made me sick. It especially shocked me how many of these men had a women with them in their picture. How could a woman want to be with a man like that??

    1. I don’t understand why they feel the need to make the comments. Given that she spends essentially her entire life doing exercise, keeping any pound of excess weight might be considered something of an achievement in itself.

      Some of the complaints might be directed at her style of play. Double handed shots don’t look as pretty or graceful as single. But she gets an enormous amount of power into them.

      Lets see how it comes out though. I would imagine that given the negative comments there will be many fashion lines beating a path to her door. Most women don’t look like supermodels.

      1. “Some of the complaints might be directed at her style of play.”
        So you didn’t read the linked article but felt fully confident that your comments about the article were worth sharing anyway.
        The article listed 47 comments about Bartoli, all of them commenting on her appearance and a few on her nationality. Not one mentioned her style of play.

  2. 1st one: Internet has not just made stupid people more accessible. It’s made vindictive idiots *way* too accessible. (I used to complain about the stupid people).

    2nd one: How has the writer suffered some sort of harm? He never quite explains that.

    3rd one: Yikes! Has pop culture always been that creepy or have I just not been paying attention?

    4th one: Nice way to highlight the absurdity of the far right but I like Sarah Silverman’s approach better : “Men, If You Ever Want to See a Vagina Again Support Repro Rights … bros,”

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