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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Good for Annie Johnson! I’m a homebrewer (not very experienced yet though) and know just enough to know how difficult those competitions can be. While homebrewing is a male-dominated hobby I have learned a ton from a woman who brews extraordinarily well and I am thrilled to see more women participating.

    1. Yeah, I’m a serious beer geek but I don’t brew myself. My husband has a great setup with one of his friends, though, and I do heartily enjoy getting to drink their creations.

  2. I’m a low level homebrewer (2nd level, I can cast Pale Ale and Steam beer with some proficiency). Light Lager is an incredibly hard beer to do well. Congratulations to Anne Johnson!

    1. Like she said in the article, they’re quite fussy aren’t they?

      Pales are so delicious and you can play with the flavors a lot when you make them yourself.

  3. Amanda,

    Another interesting Thing about Lake Vostok, in addition to possibly proving that complex life can survive in really harsh environments, and thus increasing the chances that we’ll find life on other words, if that if there is animal life down there, its been isolated from other life on Earth for millions of years. If we find some form of animal life down there, I wonder what type of strange adaptations it will have

        1. I’m sure you don’t want to, but you know what usually happens. Kill a bunch and shove them in a museum drawer somewhere. Then fish them as hard as possible. Cut them up and use them for bait. Let them rot and grind them up for fertiliser. Or cut off their fins and throw them back to die slowly.

          We cannot abide something strange and beautiful living wild and free! Honestly, the human race has the mentality of a cancer cell. Give me the Daleks any day.

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