Skepchick Quickies 5.10


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Why is the West African rhino thing suddenly going viral when it’s a story from 2011? I saw it on Facebook yesterday, too. It’s awful for sure, but not exactly news.

  2. Echoing pmscapades. I like “quickies” but I always have to check the dates on the links because they are often old but for some reason that is unmentioned, newly viral.

  3. I tried to comment on Allie’s blog, but the comments were full. The fourteenth and fifth pictures are pretty right on in a pretty comical way, where the well-meaning friend is suggesting the yoga while watching a sunset. Then the view shifts to the person receiving the advice, haha! I love the illustrations with the story.

  4. I am so angry about the black rhino thing, I really am. EVEN IF rhino horns had medicinal properties there is NO REASON to hunt them to extinction! ARG!

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