Skepchick Quickies 2.11

On February 11, 1752, the Pennsylvania Hospital was opened by Benjamin Franklin and thus became the first hospital in the US. It was also notable for having the first surgical ampitheatre and the first medical library in America.


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  1. -“Yeah, I’m sure this is due to “age and declining health.” Not any banking scandals.”

    Nor would it have anything to do with cases of child abuse in the church too. :P

    Have to say, I’m a bit surprised by this news. Of course, whoever the new guy would be is probably not going to be any better.
    On a similar note, did you guys hear what Benidict (can we call him by his real name now?) said about evolution? Was in my local paper some months ago. Showed that these guys know little about biology. But that should be obvious by now. :)

    1. I would’ve mentioned the child abuse, but I think it’s clear that the church doesn’t care about the children. Except preventing abortions for 9 year olds.

      1. Well, the church probably does care enough to brainwash, er, indoctrinate children so they can take the place of the older generation.

        Preventing an abortion for a nine year old? Wow, that could be one for another Skepchick Quickie.
        I have to wonder if the church deliberately makes itself look like an organization of asshats.

    2. To be fair, Benedict is not only older than John Paul II was when he died, but he’s already the fourth oldest pope *ever*. (And just a month or so away from being the third oldest pope.)

      Not that other factors didn’t play a role, but it’s not as if he’s stepping down in his prime.

    1. Thanks! I just started reading the Bishop story this morning and I couldn’t put it down. I’m glad you like it!

  2. There has been a Polish pope and a German pope. Maybe it’s time for a homosexual pope…

    Whoops. Redundant. Sorry…..

      1. My apologies. You’re absolutely correct. I made an assumption based on the attempt to cover up pedophile activities among the priesthood, which activity seems to be almost exclusively homosexual in nature. I assumed that he probably had participated in such activities….The non sequitur is mine. Sorry

          1. *spelled* as in “you didn’t mean homosexual as an insult, you meant pedophile”. That’s what I get for posting upon waking.

        1. I made an assumption based on the attempt to cover up pedophile activities among the priesthood, which activity seems to be almost exclusively homosexual in nature

          Wow. No, no, no, no. Pedophelia has NOTHING AT ALL to do with homosexuality. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I actually took issue with your comment from the beginning because I figured you were making a “he helped cover op pedophilia within the church, so he must be a pedophile, too, and that means he’s GAY since the victims were all young boys!”

          Which is fase.

          Not to mention, gross, can we stop with the pedophilia jokes, please? These are real boys who were victimized.

        2. Seriously, though, comparing homosexuality to pedophilia is offensive and exactly what the homophoboes do. So don’t do it.

  3. I read these on the bus coming in to work today, and had some thoughts… that were completely sublimated by reading another story, http://goo.gl/MOIjG – Teacher Says Gays Have No Purpose In Life, Wants LGBT Kids Banned From Prom.


    However – “There are no popes in It-a-ly and the streets are all paved with chee-eese / Yes there are no popes in Italy, so set your mind at ease.”

  4. Mary,

    “pretending to practise witchcraft?” That’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone brought up on charges like that. When I first saw the title of that story about Gustavo Valencia Gomez, I thought we we’re talking about someone being charged with witchcraft and I was wonder what backwards part of the world we were talking about.

  5. I didn’t know Benjamin Franklin started the first hospital in the US. I assumed we had them when they US was still a British Colony.

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