Skepchick Quickies 12.28


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Loved the one on the influential dimwits.
    Sad to think that there are people that try to defend Sylvia Browne and other “psychics”.

    The one on the preference for 1950s men has a good section in it regarding people that long to return to the style of those days. It’s something people like my aunt could use. But it might be lost on her, since she doesn’t care about gay marriage or equality.

    1. Grand Lunar

      I really think its kind of scary how people often don’t question what they’re told when its something they want to hear. That’s one of the reasons perhaps that “psychics” like Sylvia Browne have so much respect that they don’t deserve.

  2. Why is it that the cracked.com reporter feels the need when talking about a rather deluded woman to also say “Oh yeah, and she’s really ugly too!” As if that is valid or at all relevant?

    I used to really like Jim Carrey (even if his humour is very childish) before I discovered his association with McCarthy. She definitely deserves a spot on that list.

    1. Yeah, the comment about her appearance was so unecessary, particularly as the point of including her was to have a go at the fact that she justs makes crap up. Surely expecting that she has to conform to the appearance of an archtypal feminine woman is made of as much bullshit as her predictions.

    2. I agree the reference to her a appearance should not have been made, but to be very clear, she is not in anyway deluded. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

    3. She’s not deluded any more than the waitress at TGI Friday’s that insists she’s very excited to facilitate strangers purchasing food is deluded. She’s doing her job. Her job is stealing money. She does what she does because she’s a terrible person. If she was a better person, she’d be breaking into houses and stealing stuff.

  3. The article leaves out the part about high teen pregnancy rates. A lot of girls went to visit an aunt in the countryside. Also, there were a lot of premature babies in the 50’s that were suspiciously healthy. They had the same problems, only worse. It just seems better because they lied about them.

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