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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Sandy Hook was a k-4 school rather than a k-6 school as Charlotte Allen asserts. And there was a male custodian at the school. He did not, however, disable the attacker with a bucket. Presumably, this is because he is not an idiot like Charlotte Allen.

    1. The solution is clear. Make all staff watch the movie “Army of Darkness”, that way they will be prepared against any foe, living or undead.

    2. No he didn’t disable the attacker, however he did, according to people at the school run through and try to make sure all the classroom doors were locked.

      I don’t know if its appropriate to put this here but the Connecticut PTA has made a request for help in decorating the school the kids will be going to, when they go back to school. They are going to be going to an unused/recently closed middle school in the next town.

      They are requesting snowflakes :


  2. Amanda,

    I hope things change for the better in India. I’m glad the assault on that poor woman has sparked massive protests over there.

  3. My mother in law today said that she supported arming teachers rather than enacting gun control. the sad thing is that she’s a first-grade teacher herself. /headdesk

    1. I think there’s actually something to be said for not trying to solve this problem with gun control. We have a huge problem with guns and gun violence in this country that we completely ignore, especially at times like this. Tens of thousands of people die and nobody wants to do anything about it. The only gun violence we care about is the gun violence so rare it actually makes the news. Assault rifles aren’t nearly as dangerous as handguns, they just make it on the news more easily.

      As someone that actually knows a little bit about guns and also happens to support gun control, I would characterize a lot of gun control legislation as an outright scam. If the people that supported the assault weapons ban had a basic understanding of guns and knew what the actual legislation said, they would be furious. It was basically a limit on how “military” guns could look. You could still get the same gun, it just had to look like a hunting rifle. If anything, that makes them more dangerous.

      I definitely think we should do something to regulate gun ownership similar to the way we do car ownership, but I think that the most important thing to deal with is access to mental health.

    2. Okay, I’m too intox to be commenting. Sorry! Yes, that’s a terrible idea and putting more guns in the situation is a terrible idea for many reasons.

  4. What a rag, National Review. I saw at least 4 mistruths / errors in those articles.

    They’d better hope that “the police took 20 minutes to get there” statement is correct; Newtown Chief of Police said they are watching online and would prosecute anyone who put out false statements regarding the case.

    And way to slap in the face every woman who’s served our country. Maybe the editor will volunteer to run towards the next gunman with an automatic weapon to show that he can stop the shooting, because he’s a man.

  5. Apparently the National Review forgot the Fort Hood massacre? Seems weird because I’m sure they had a few things to say about the shooting at the time. A shooting where 13 people were killed on a military base. Many men. Aggressive, trained men, some of whom DID charge the shooter, and were wounded or died nonetheless.

  6. One of the two police officers that stopped Hasaan’s murder spree at Fort Hood was Sergeant Kimberly Munley. When many (unarmed ) people were fleeing the scene, she ran to confront Hasan.


    The National Review can bite my shiny, metal ass.

    There is a reason why “Active Shooters” target schools. Sheeple call them “gun free zones”. What they are, in fact, is “free crime zones”, because bad guys know they will not encounter an armed defender at such places. Once upon a time I was an official, visiting chaplain (Buddhist) at what was billed as GA’s most maximum security prison. The worst father stabbers and mother rapers were housed there. I talked to bunches of stone cold killers. To a person, the one thing these bad guys feared most was not the Police. They feared picking a victim who turned out to be armed.

    Senator Feinstein does not you or me to be allowed to defend ourselves. But Senator Feinstein used her position to get a concealed carry permit.

    I am listening to NPR right now. They have been ridiculing Wayne LaPierre this afternoon – for daring to suggest something that would make a difference *right now* to protect our children. Seems the pundits who want to talk about “gun control” do not want to put Police Officers in schools. Why, IMO, is that they get more face time in the news while lying to us about gun control.

    LaPierre also said, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”.

    In my personal experience, no truer words have been said in this debate. I am a Veteran and have been in gun fights in and out of service. If you want to argue gun control with me, you better come armed with facts … I am.

  7. In 1996 Martin Bryant shot 35 people at Port Arthur Australia.

    Prime Minister John Howard (universally known as Little Johnny or Johnny Jackboots), the most conservative PM in modern times, responded with new legislation.

    There was a buyback and a ban for civilian use on ALL semi automatic weapons and magazines over 10 rounds.

    Result, no mass shootings in Australia for the last 16 years. ZERO, NIL, NADA.

    Now some fucking gun fetishist will tell me correlation is not causation.

    USA has HALF the guns in the world and a massacre just about annually, more people having died in civilian shootings than all the wars in your bloody history, and your solution is what?

    According to the NRA, you need even more guns!

    The concept of an evidence based gun policy is beyond you. It will not happen.

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