Skepchick Quickies 11.2


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. It’s about time in regards to the halo 4 banning. I appreciate a company stepping up and at least talking about this in zero tolerance terms, even if it isn’t implemented well or perfectly. I am just waiting for the backlash on “free speech” to begin. I will wear my Rebecca Watson tee shirt as I read it and laugh (all while writing up a new paper on gender relations in game spaces).

  2. While we’re on the topic of Sandy, it sure would be nice to see Skepchick discuss the topic of climate change. We’ve, as one scientist said, broken records for breaking records. Hottest years, among worst droughts, worst storms, all in several years.

    The melted sea ice has caused deeper, “wavier” jet stream troughs and we can expect to see more of the same.

    I realize raising the topic of climate change might include criticizing Obama whose record has been atrocious, but I haven’t known Skepchick to shy away from controversy or important science topics.

  3. @Amanda

    off course if acceptance of “sin” really did cause natural disasters as the American religious right claims, as well as some Muslim extremists, why do the people who don’t tolerate the “sin” also have to suffer through natural disasters. America suffered through hurricanes and Earthquakes long before we accepted homosexuality or had legalized abortion. It obvious to anyone paying attention that the disasters don’t follow the “Sin” they happen in the places you would expect them happen based on how the Earth works.

  4. Street harassment – GRRR!

    I spent some time browsing the two linked sites, stopstreetharassment.org and ihollerback.org.

    Both impressive, with plenty of prevention tactics.

    I particularly like the response “I’m doing a survey on harassment. Do you do this often? Do you do it most often when you are alone? Have you spoken about this to your mother/sister/daughter? Am I a bitch/cunt/dyke/thinking human being with feelings who deserves respect?”

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