Skepchick Quickies 11.12

Happy Veterans Day to all of my fellow Americans! And Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a famous American suffragette.


Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. Mary,

    Looks like who can vote still makes a huge difference. I’m kind of curious as to what an electoral map of the country would look like for just women or minorities.

  2. By 2025 over half of all American families with children will be multicultural. Hispanics will be the largest group, but Asians, African and Caribbean blacks, and others will make up significant shares. For the Republican party to survive, it would need to embrace this cultural diversity. I would hope that in this multicultural milieu that unbelievers will be a significant share. I am pessimistic however. Religion tends to thrive in societies geared towards individualism, an unbridled free market and consumerism. Not that people don’t buy things in Sweden but their social democracy must be a significant factor in their embrace of a secular society. I am doubtful that the United States will follow that path in the future.

  3. “Happy Veterans Day to all of my fellow Americans!”

    This navy veteran thanks you for your thanks.

    Fun stuff about Raman noodles.

    But where does it fit with the FSM’s plan for us? :)

  4. That cancer dude seriously infuriates me. Part of it is the argument that “Big Pharma” is colluding to keep a cancer cure secret because they would lose money selling chemo drugs only works in the USA. In countries with socialized medicine, like oh, say Canada, the UK, to name a few, this conspiracy theory totally falls apart – our governments pay for the treatments there IS NO LOGICAL reason they would suppress any cancer treatment that actually works. So the conspiracy theorists are not only [all caps expletive] WRONG, they’re so [all caps expletive] self-centered arrogant Americans who seem to forget that there is a whole wide world beyond the US borders. If hemp oil, or [magic] fruit could cure “cancer” (like it’s one disease) then surely countries with socialized medicine would be using it to SAVE MONEY, since they think money is the prime reason these “cures” haven’t been utilized.

    I am so angry right now, I wish I could force-choke such ignorant [long string of expletives].

  5. Youtube commenters are the worst. They’ve pretty much driven all the feminists off of Youtube.

    1. Victoriadashtwenty,

      That’s not true, I’ve come across some feminists on youtube, despite some of the disgusting comments. At least one of them made fun of one or two of the comments some really stupid, really sexist MRA made.

      1. There’s a seriously reduced feminist presence there. I’d say the number of female feminists on there is about the same as the number of female MRAs. I used to get really bummed out when I read those comments, but they aren’t really representative of the way the world really is.

    2. Indeed, even if there are rare exceptions: I mostly watch Let’s Plays and British panel shows on Youtube and the comments there are mostly civilized. (Even if some episodes of Panel shows still have the one or other “*grunt* Female comedians not funny.*grunt*-comments.

      1. PS:The former depends of course on the LPers one watches. I watch mostly those affiliated with the Something-awful forum but wouldn’t be caught dead watching a PewDiePie-LP.

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