Skepchick Quickies 8.14


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. That claim about stopping the massacre is absolutely true. Chances are good that if the shooter had seen a chiropractor he would have gotten a stroke from a torn artery, and he wouldn’t have been able to lift the gun.

  2. From the Sikh article:

    The subsequent interest in the Sikh faith and community contrasts starkly with the lack of attention directed to the rise of white supremacist movements, hate crimes and domestic terrorism.

    This!! I have been bothered by this, too. All the focus on the Sikh community (“Oh, they look like Muslims! That must be why he went on a killing spree!”) and there’s still no acknowledgement in the mainstream media of growing white supremacist movements. If this had been a Muslim man who committed this atrocity, he would have immediately been branded a terrorist. So why aren’t the white men who do this sort of thing branded in the same way??

  3. I would much rather live in a city (and country) with a prominent, stop-light style of labeling than one that does something as silly as ban large sodas. Unless of course there is some science equitable to the labeling study that backs up banning large sodas.

  4. Licensing is not going to kill Yoga studios just like it hasn’t killed cosmetology, restaurants or any other industry that has special licensing. It’s simply a way for governments to seek out more revenue and people hate paying taxes. I’m not taking a side on this, I’m just stating how things work. Yes, some studios will not survive while others will thrive. If licensing is required studios will either raise their prices to cover it or they’ll absorb the costs and how well they’ll do that depends on how well the business is run.

  5. There has actually been an initiative to pass regulation here in Germany that would have implemented a similar red-yellow-green labeling system…surprise, surprise, didn’t happen…I don’t want to go conspiracy mongering, but I’m going to say it was Big Food.

    1. I find it funny how conspiracists label things starting with “Big ____”.
      I.e, Big Oil, Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Government, ect.

      If that’s the case, maybe there should be companies that label themselves as “Small ____” or “Little ____”.
      Then we would see “Little Oil”, “Small Pharma”, “Tiny Foods”, ect.

      It might just work……

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