Skepchick Quickies 6.29


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Ayy, why do I keep breaking my “no comment reading” rule? The feminism tumblr is great but comments are heartbreaking :(

    And the rain/yoga one is so angering. Also because yoga is awesome when you don’t have nutjobs teaching it. Same goes for Tai Chai and similar sports.

    1. Ugh, I just randomly clicked on the comments for the “slut” one after reading your comment and *sadface*.

    1. I think we need some new words.

      1) “slut” Someone who has more fun than you do. New word: “Chupacabra

      2) “whore” def: Someone who will do anything for money. New word: “Inhofe”

      3) “bitch” def: Someone who complains about how every little thing and how it affects them. New word: “MRA”

  2. Nice closing on the prayer story:

    “I don’t share their need to call on a higher power, especially if that higher power is also presumably responsible for the fire in the first place.”

    Instead, Donahue says, it’s more important to keep your mind focused, and prayer is an unnecessary and potentially fatal distraction.

    “Get up, go out and start doing something to help that is both effective and needed,” he says. “A person who lost their home is not comforted by your prayers. In fact, it may seem downright insulting. But a warm blanket and some food might help.”

    1. And amazingly, most of the comments are pretty good! :-)

      The first person mentioned they believed in intention. Last year at NECSS, I met a guy at Drinking Skeptically who had a small, obviously home-made doll, which turned out to be a friend of his attending by proxy. We got to talking about the difference between voodoo and acupuncture by proxy. We decided it was “intention.”

  3. My wife is the primary breadwinner. She doesn’t do close to most of the housework. Only the parts that require folding, because I suck at folding. Besides, housework would interfere with her hobby of building things out of WOOD!

  4. I need feminism because I need to listen to rational minded women, instead of women that look toward the bible for model behavior.

    Incidently, the “About” section there mentions a conception that (sad to say) I still have regarding feminists; that they hate men.

    It’s a feeling I try to shake off, but it sometimes it returns, like the “monster from the Id”.

    1. I know anecdotes aren’t data, but in all my time of being a mouthy feminist (all my life) I’ve only met one man-hating feminist. And she changed her mind.

      1. That’s actually good to hear (okay, read!).

        Even brings on a sense of relief (don’t know why).

    1. Thanks for writing such a great post! I especially liked the price comparisons, that really sinks the whole idea that it’s just harmless labeling.

  5. “nature’s calmer balance”

    Maybe nature’s calmer balance for Colorado is a burnt-out ruin? Just asking.

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