Skepchick Quickies, 4.23


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  1. "I couldn’t improve on that sentence if I tried."
    Pshaw, you didn't even try! 
    "Cryobot red panda cubs could drill into icy moons with remote fiber-optic laser powered eye beams."
    And that was with barely an effort. 

  2. The kids reading the Planet Earth segments cracked me up. I got an extra giggle because I was watching it while doing something else, so with my divided attention, I kept thinking the beeps when the kids started was them swearing and getting bleeped. Then I realized these were little kids, and pretty unlikely to all be swearing. 

  3. I've been a gamer my whole life but only really been exposed to cosplay more recently. It has surprised me, but maybe it shouldn't have, that there's such a crossover between adult modeling and cosplay. So of course there are plenty of guys who probably expect to run into basically pseudo-pornstars at cons now and are actually being catered to.
    One of my coworkers does some fantastic cosplay and yet half the comments I've seen on a photo of hers wonder why they can't see more skin.

  4. Unfortunately, there seems to be very little political will right now to actually fund a mission to send a probe out to one of Jupiter or Saturn's moons.  Regardless of the technology or how cool it may sound, that is.
    I'm not entirely sure what the advantage of using fiber optics would be over more typical electrical transmission cables.  I didn't think there was much, if anything, to gain efficiency wise that way, especially when using higher quality conductors.  Either way, the device is tethered, which is an unwanted restriction.  The ideal case is a fully self-contained and self-sufficient machine, but if you eliminate solar, nuclear, and geothermal energy sources from the picture that is extremely difficult to accompish.  Exactly what will power this laser, by the way?  I missed that part, but if it requires 5+ megawatts it can't be trivial.

  5. I loved the analysis of the situation in Jedi in which Leia finds herself in the slave costume (um, she's a slave!). As much as I do enjoy the sight of an attractive female body (visible skin or no), I always thought her gown in Hope was much more attractive.  (And her outfit at the begining of Empire very practical.)  Then again, 18-year-old me had plenty of other reasons to be disappointed in Jedi… even the original version.

  6. That was cute with the kids reading for "Planet Earth". The ending was especiall hilarious!
    Neat about the cryobots. I'd love to see such a mission, but prevailing politics would likely prevent it from becoming reality in the near future. Perhaps ESA can make it happen.
    Never met any cosplayers in person. I always found it to be an expression of the individual's fanaticism for their favorite show/movie/whatever.
    Incidently, I do know that the "slave Leia" figure not only applies to straight men. I know of a lesbian on YouTube that finds her attractive. So, it's not just a guy thing, obviously.

  7. Jen,
    That story about the Cryobots is cool!   Thanks for sharing it with us.  I wonder how long it will be until they're actually able to send them to one to Jupiter's moon, Europa.

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