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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. From the Alphanail website:
    “What do Roger Huerta, Chuck Liddell, Chris Leben and Dave Navarro have in common? They are all alpha males and they all adorn their nails with war paint. Why? Why not! For the fighter or the guitar picker, any normal nail polish will add natural strength to the nail and prevent chipping and cracking. But it is more than that. It is a statement… a proclamation of the inner attitude of the alpha. It is about having the confidence that says ‘I am my own man, and will decide the rules for how I live my life according to how I see fit.”

    The site is beyond amazing. It’s… DAMN YOU FELICIA.

        1. Yeah he’s okay, and I’ve actually seen Jane’s Addiction live twice, and he’s a pretty good guitarist and performer, but alpha male? He was married to Carmen Electra and you KNOW she ruled that relationship (I kind of love her sassy self).

    1. THERE IS NOTHING GIRLY ABOUT NAIL POLISH, just look at the guy beating the other guy up, and how he gets all the women and stuff. Yep, manliest thing ever.

  2. Oh Alphanail, you’re still as disgustingly silly as when Sociological Images included you in a takedown of how advertising hypes up the masculinity of traditionally feminine associated products because they realized that they’ve created an atmosphere where dudes won’t buy lady-products and they still want dude money.

  3. Jebus H, hint to Nutter Notter.

    If you are gonna make up shit about contraceptives causing cancer you should at least take two seconds to pick up an encyclopedia and turn to the human body entry. There will be pictures there, one of them will be of a female. PICK ANY BODY PART since you are making shit up (HINT: the prostate ain’t one of them) and have at it. I suggest the anus, you know, like the place where you keep that shivled up and unused thing you call a brain.

    To stupid to lie convincingly, fuck!

  4. I don’t mind to basic premise of marketing nail polish to men, mostly because I use it from time to time (at Christmas-time, I had silver sparkles!), and that polish-in-a-pen applicator would be damned useful, but what the hell is that marketing gimmick about?

    Talk about toxic masculinity. Also, ‘peacocking’, they’re serious, aren’t they?

    1. Fortunately alpha nail isn’t the only nail polish pen on the market, so you can buy nail polish pens without supporting the toxicity.

    2. Yep, men wearing nail polish is awesome. The marketing for Alphanail, however, is the best/worst example of ubermasculine marketing I’ve ever seen.

      And I’ve seen nail polish pens at most convenience stores (CVS, Walgreens, etc.) so take a look there if you want to give them a try.

    3. Yo, you mean that this stuff is for real? I was 90% sure they were trolling – especially the ‘fugly toenails’ bit. I was getting a serious Powerthirst vibe from the whole thing.


  5. SO…the nail polish is going to give the wearer the ability to *literally* pick up two women at the same time. Or is the add about the polishes ability to keep people warm in the coldest of places? Even other nearly naked people on mountaintops will rush to your polish’s heat. Maybe I should put that stuff in my car survival kit ASAP!

  6. (Trying to reply to Brian G, but every time I click “reply”, it tells me I must be logged in to reply, even though I’m already logged in and have done so repeatedly.)

    “any normal nail polish will add natural strength to the nail”

    (Italics mine.)

    According to Wikipedia, nail polish has traditionally been made of nitrocellulose, aka guncotton, although recent formulations are based on acrylic polymers. Is this the misapplication of the naturalistic fallacy, or possibly the naturalistic fallacy by proxy?[1]

    Also, Wikipedia says “n September 2006, several makers agreed to phase out dibutyl phthalate, which has been linked to testicular problems in lab animals and humans, in updated formulations.” I certainly hope the makers of Alphanail are one of them!

    [1] I was intending to make a joke here, but a little Google is a dangerous thing. As I looked into it further, I discovered how serious and distressing a topic this can be. For instance, the doctor who first named the syndrome was the British General Medical Register for giving misleading testimony in a murder trial that resulted in a mother[2] being convicted of murdering two of her children who apparently died of SIDS. According to the above link, care-giver induced or fabricated illnesses, although very rare, does exist, but the supposed psychological pattern (MSbP) claimed for the carers involved may not exist or may not apply to many of them, and may not be a useful diagnosis. The whole situation reminds me very much of the recovered memories controversy and the enormous damage done to many innocent people in the subsequent witch hunts. Maybe this would be a good topic for an AI?

    [2] She was acquitted on appeal.

    P.S. It just keeps getting thicker… According to a comment on a Orac’s blog, old friend Andy Wakefield’s talk at last year’s Autism One conference was about Munchausen’s disease by proxy.

  7. Hi there!

    I’ve been wearing nail polish for YEARS! I generally prefer the OPI line, but Sally Hansen is pretty good as well. Okay, granted I am pretty FAR from being an “Alpha Male”, but I am comfortable enough in my sexuality to wear girlie colors on my nails. I’m wearing black shatter over an opalescent purple right now. (OPI’s “The Color to Watch”)

    Of all the manly manly men they mention on that site, Navarro is the only one I’ve ever heard of. I respect him as a musician, but I wouldn’t call him an “Alpha Male”. I mean he had an awesome makeout session with Anthony Kiedas in that one video, that doesn’t seem to be exactly the hyper-masculine image they’re going for here. 0_o

    Haaving said that, I would totally make out with Dave Navarro. [nods]

    — Craig

  8. oooh!!! the alphanail website is so classy it even has a picture of a hand gesture of “THE SHOCKER”
    (under “how do you alphanail?” on the right.)

    haha! this is the kind of outright sexism exuded by the band Steel Panther… except they are being ironic…

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