Skepchick Quickies 11.11


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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    1. It sounds as if the judge didn’t have a choice. Is this possible? I thought there were always allowances for, you know, humanity. I’m not a lawyer, though.

      A law that precluded alimony in the case of assault would have to be very carefully worded and handled.

      I can see it being very easy to agitate someone in a pending divorce to take a swipe or wave a knife at a spouse. A little judicious video editing and – clunk – the philandering, drunken spouse who just played a trick pays no alimony.

      1. I read it as the judge having a choice, but making the wrong one. He said it would be an “abuse of discretion” to choose no spousal support – which means that discretion would allow it, even if it might normally be a stretch. Apparently he was more worried about discretion being abused than he was about the wife’s abuse.

  1. From the silicon valley article, one of the comments:

    “While some women excel at STEM careers, the majority simply do not have the cognitive tools to do so at the same level men do. No amount of third wave gender feminist critique can change the laws of nature. In other words, Sticking feathers in you ear does not make you a chicken.”


    I am without the words.

  2. Wow, that inmate shackling thing is horrid. It teared me up that the author didn’t just rest easy with her book happy ending. She went out there & made it happen in real life too. That’s inspiring.

  3. The San Diego spousal-rape case is vile. In order to be able to sleep at night, I’m just gonna assume it was an oversight by legislators who just never figured a judge would rule that way. That makes it a vile act by one individual, rather than a collective effort.

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