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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. So another pill aimed at overcoming the human tendency to over indulge when given the opportunity; however I doubt there will ever be a pill that prevents or forestalls any of the health and cognitive impacts of alcohol. Perhaps the pill could be called “Morning TAM”.

    1. Alcohol addiction is much more than just a “tendency to overindulge” — it’s an actual medical condition. To brush it off as just a “tendency to overindulge” is just as harmful as denying that addiction is a real disease that requires real treatment … and in fact, it is denying that it’s a real disease that requires real treatment.

      It notes in the article that this pill could be used to help with the “neurobiology of alcohol addiction” and to help in “treating alcohol dependence and acute overdoses.”

      And this:

      In another study cited, mice bred not to express TLRs were shown to suffer much less from anxiety after they were suddenly withdrawn from chronic alcohol exposure. The anxiety associated with alcohol withdrawal is one of the reasons why many alcoholics relapse. Reducing it could significantly improve recovery rates.

      Seems like much more than just helping to “overcome a tendency to overindulge.”

      But alcoholism runs in my family. Quite badly, actually. My younger sister was sent to rehab for alcohol addiction when she was 19. It’s much more than just “overindulgence” — it’s a disease.

    2. And um, I hope you don’t think I was being all snappy and rude. Addiction is just a MAJOR problem in my family (my twin sister was in rehab for drugs up until pretty recently and my dad has custody of her kids because of it and it’s been kind of a big thing in my family in general), so I get a little sensitive about the subject. ;)

  2. Wow. Did anyone read the comments for the Jenga Dog? People are screaming “ANIMAL ABUSE!” They are claiming the dog “looks scared”. Really, people? Really?

    This is a pretty good indication of how many people lack perspective and common sense.

    1. Reminds me of an old Far Side cartoon: Dog with treat on nose, owner saying “Hold it. Hold it”. Dog thinking “I’m going to kill him. This time I’m really going to kill him.”

  3. Okay, I have to point it out: That Creation Expo was free. Why do skeptic gatherings cost HUNDREDS of dollars?

    1. It wasn’t as prominent as in years past but the creationists usually explain that they need 500 families donating $50 each to put on the expo so why don’t you donate today plus this year you could donate by credit card. Also last year they began to take the expo on the road. They travel small midwest churches soliciting donations. And they have added an LA creation evidence expo!

  4. I agree with what Marilove said re: addiction. My partner comes from a family of addicts – it’s very harmful. Having said that though, I would personally LOVE a pill that stopped the drunk. I don’t actually drink to get drunk, I drink because I want to consume lots of yummy beers that I’ve never tried before, and unfortunately for me, I’m an easy drunk, so I can’t drink that many before I reach my limit.

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