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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The comments following the article on psychics are so full of rationality and empathy for the victims that reading them is a pleasant experience. Who the heck are those people, what have they done with teh interwebs?

    1. it does not help me one little bit that I continually read the word “psychics” as the word “physics,” and I find myself saying things like, “What the hell do you mean, physics can’t stop crimes!”


      1. Most of the physicists I’ve known were psychics. Or was it psychos. It’s so hard to tell them all apart…

  2. As a Canadian, the Why I quit my Job article interested me, so I read it. I had absolutely no idea that there was also a Canadian side to the war on Science. I had always thought that we were rational about things like that.

    But I guess that changed with a Conservative majority government. We had a Conservative minority government up until recently, and so they had been kept in check by the opposition, for the most part.

    This becomes further interesting to me in that I am soon making a big move from here, in the backwaters of Nova Scotia, pretty much at the Eastern edge of the country, to the very riding that the Prim Minister himself was elected to the house from. In effect, I will have the privilege of having the leader of the country as my Representative in the House. Nice.

    In the words of Her Magesty, Queen Victoria, “We think we know what we must do.”

    I think my days on the sidelines are over.

    (I don’t know the atheist “translation” for “god help us all,” but that’s the sentiment I want to convey.)

    1. If you would like some more insight into the rather dreadful state of science in Canada, Steve Thoms et al blog Skeptic North (http://www.skepticnorth.com/) presents some reasonably good information and discussion. You will also find a small handful of amazingly woo-filled Canadian commentors.

    2. Hey man, Calgary may have cursed the country with Harper, but we just elected Naheed Nenshi for ourselves. Yup, our Mayor is a practicing Ismaili Muslim and, pretty much everyone is sure he’s gay too, but he’s not openly gay, and you know what’s great? No one cares. No one in the whole city actually cares whether he’s gay. It’s fantastic.

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