Skepchick Quickies, 7.11


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  1. It feels to me that they are generalizing women in that all they think about is looking pretty and getting more stuff. I call “Bullshit!” All the quotes about women could easily be applied to men.

    I suppose the plan to “fix” somebody is to insert religion and not just any religion but Christianity. I think a course on Ethics, Philosophy, or Critical Thinking would serve better if people are looking for introspection.

  2. I thought real woman of the Bible were supposed to be silent? Unless their husbands give them permission, isn’t that how that works? Or rather: when there is money involved. Though I can’t imagine they’ll be much of that here.

  3. I may be sticking my neck out in this crowd, but I think this is a fabulous idea. Nothing says that feminism and biblical study can’t have synergy.

    THIS is full of win:

    “Adams says shows like The Real Housewives glamorize the struggle and the conflict. With this series she hopes to give women a solution”

    “The Real Housewives” shows are nothing but back-handed exploitation, both of their subjects and their viewers. I applaud anyone who wants to take that manipulative, creatively and morally corrupt paradigm and turn it on its head in order to – gasp – actually help people.

    Put aside what you think of Christian fundamentalists and actually read the texts these characters are based on. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more strong, positive role model than, say, Ruth.

    Disclaimer: the proof will be in the pudding. It’s true, nothing is stopping the producers of this show from twisting the Bible’s stories to their own misogynist ends. But here’s hoping.

  4. Eh, “Real Housewives” looks like your typical, watered down church sermon: “Here’s a Bible passage that vaguely describes something in the modern world, now let’s pretend it also says some useful common sense advice that’s definitely not in the passage (requires some of that special “interpretation”) and ignore all the verses that contradict the overall message we just invented.”

    Therefore, it will be a very successful show.

  5. I think the episode of RHotB with Lot’s wife is going to be outstanding! “Oh, how ever am I going to handle this infestation of garden snails?”

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