Skepchick Quickies, 6.15


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  1. From the last link:

    If you make time in your dreams for people, and set aside the people who exist only to fill your time and get in the way of your dreams, you don’t ever have to worry about being alone.


  2. Stephen Jay Gould was in the Simpsons episode where he lies about doing any actual analysis of the “angel” bones to Lisa … how hilarious.

  3. Wow, a complete lack of knowledge as to how volcanoes, glaciers and weather work. I kind of want to see this, however, I suspect it should come with it’s own booze.

    And it kind of reminds me of when the film company responsible for The Core asked the UW Geology Dept. to watch it. The woman who was supposed to collect their quote/review cards slunk out after the first fifteen minutes.

    1. It’s funny what things will get you. When my wife was watching The Day After Tomorrow (I swear I was just “in the room”, honest), as I let all the stupid wash over me the part that jumped out at me was how they explained where all the evil cold was coming from. And I quote;
      Jack Hall -Yes. The storm’s rotation…
      …is pulling super-cooled air all the way
      down from the upper troposphere.
      Terry Rapson -But shouldn’t the air warm up
      before it reaches ground level?
      Jack Hall -It should. But it doesn’t.
      The air’s descending too rapidly.
      Speed overcomes physics. The stupid, it burns.
      Roland Emmerich appearantly never used a bicycle pump.
      The worst part is, using the same stupid scenario, the decending air would have been like a blast furnace which would have been even fracking cooler then the evil cold.
      Oh, and while I was looking up the exact lines of incomprehensibleness to write this I found the novelization of the movie…
      wait for it…
      by Whitley Shrieber
      birds of an f’ing feather, man.

      1. “Speed overcomes physics. The stupid, it burns.”
        This is the exact same idiotic principle as is behind the Burt Reynolds Pot-hole Jump and the bus jump in the movie Speed. Mythbusters tested and busted both (and several similar myths), so we’ve got science to back us up.

  4. Dr Nora K Volkow, Neuroscientist: awesome! We need more like her.

    As I have said before, I strongly believe addiction should be treated primarily as a medical problem and not a legal one.

  5. And I thought The Day After Tomorrow was annoyingly unscientific… At least the unscience there wouldn’t necessarily be obvious to the average man on the street, but a high speed superglacier, that’s just… wow.

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