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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. It’s hard to believe in this day and age that people can hide their professional services behind their so-called “beliefs.”

    I sure hope this pharmacy isn’t the only one in town. I also hope they are going to put a sign up declaring this stance to their customers. I would boycott the pharmacy because of this.

  2. re: pharmacies

    I wonder if they could refuse condoms to gays/singles/teens on similar grounds? Or is selling things selectively legally different than not stocking them in the first place?

  3. My constant question: Does this mean, as a librarian, I can refuse to show people where the Christian books are, on the grounds that they violate my beliefs?

  4. If the duties of being a pharmacist are contradictory to your religious beliefs, then don’t be a fucking pharmacist.

    You never hear, “I’m a heart surgeon, but my religion prevents be from giving blood products, so all my patients die. But it’s OK, because I’m not making myself uncomfortable.”

  5. It occurs to me that people who support pharmacists not doing their jobs because of religious beliefs are often the same people who get angry when muslims won’t sell pork products at Target or allow people with alcohol in their cabs.

    So, as an atheist police officer, I will no longer respond to calls at churches, mostly because they don’t pay taxes so why should they get service? ;)

  6. So, as an RN can I now refuse to call the religious figurehead of a patient’s choosing if they’re on their deathbed because it conflicts with my beliefs? Ridiculous!

    Off to take the survey.

  7. We here in Illinois are very concerned about coddl no, kowto no, kissing religion’s ass.

    Unless you are a Rastafarian.

    “Day always tryin’ to keep I ‘n’ I down, mon.”

  8. Let us start with the amusing – I think that’s the second time I’ve seen the article about the bar suing the church, and I still find it hilarious!
    And now the serious. This bit with the pharmacies… So utterly disappointed. I’ll add one more analogy to the pool. So a physician could withhold treatment of a person with lung cancer because the person smoked, because it was the physician’s firmly held and moral opinion that smoking was wrong. I weep for the future of medicine. Maybe I should pack in my RN license and go be a botanist.

  9. LOVE the last line of the pharmacy story:

    The medicine is not an “abortion pill,” which dislodges a fertilized egg from the uterus.

    Was this mentioned in the court proceedings?

  10. To the atheist women out there, I’m sorry I may have skewed the results from that survey to show we’re all tired all the time; but nowhere on that survey did they leave space to explain that my total exhaustion over the period of the past 4 weeks is due to buying my first house, starting a new job, and defending my master’s thesis within that time period. If having religion would have kept me calm yet alert and blissful through that, then I take it all back, sign me up!

  11. SaraDee, I have a really great life, so I balanced you out, too. It sounds like you rock!

    I did have to identify my mother-in-law as a stressor, but that’s due to her health, not who she is.

  12. @MissMaita: I would say you should start a pharmacy but refuse to sell to anyone because your religious beliefs denies their existence.

    @SaraDee: I’m right there with you. My health is great but I suffer from chronic fatigue as a side effect of a inherited disease.

  13. MRWILSON41:
    We all know that snopes lies unless I am using it as proof! If I was the judge the church would be held responsible!

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