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  1. Re: the “feminism is also dude-ism” article – I think there is no harm in deciding to use a different term (than “feminism”) if one makes it clear that one doesn’t disparage those who do call themselves feminists.
    I think it is fine if guys say that they are “gender equality activists” because the term “feminism” doesn’t seem quite right for them (again, provided that they don’t also criticize “feminists”), just as it is fine if black women prefer to use the term “womanism” because “feminism” seems too steeped in white women’s history.
    There are, and have been, feminists who are only interested in women’s advancement, and would be perfectly happy if women held more power than men. It’s a small subgroup, but it has been there, at least historically. I think most feminists now want gender equality, and we are working to make sure this is the meaning of “feminism”. But this doesn’t mean everyone has to use the term if they don’t feel its meaning is clear enough.

    1. I do feel quite strongly, however, that, regardless of whether a man calls himself a “gender equality activist”, a “feminist”, or a “womanist”, he should absolutely become the proud owner of the Petticoat 5 in order to show his solidarity with the longer-nailed sex. :-)

    2. I personally feel that if men are too afraid to call themselves “feminists” because that sounds too “unmanly” or “pussy-whipped”, then they are in fact still part of the problem.
      If identifying as a pro-women’s issues person makes you feel shame, then perhaps you’re not really as pro-women’s issues as you would like other people to think …It’s like all those middle of the road christians who fail to speak out against the extremists. If YOU don’t speak up, THEY get to decide how the world sees you.

    3. I think it’s ok for others to choose their own label, but the real problem is when they tell me that I shouldn’t identify myself as feminist.

      1. I hadn’t read that yet, but it sums up my thoughts on the issue almost exactly.
        (this probably means I’ve been hanging out with you guys too long, doesn’t it? :D )

    4. READ THE ARTICLE. I’m marginally confident you did but much less confident those who replied to you did. The author advocates for the use of the term feminism, I know it’s all the way in the last paragraph but if you haven’t read the whole article don’t comment on it.

  2. What show is that sketch from? I recognize Olivia Colman from Peep Show, but I haven’t seen that one.

    1. The show is called Look Around You and it’s from the people behind the new religion “Tarvuism”.

      All from wikipedia BTW, this is the first time I heard of it, the show is from the 2000s so I’m very impressed with the very 80s period look they achieved.

  3. Re; Coffee good for cardio system
    If that’s the case, my cardio systm should be able to replace a SSME main fuel pump. ;-)

  4. Re: “Why feminism is also dude-ism.”

    Great article! Written in a style that might actually change minds. I’ll keep it in my cyber back pocket, so I can direct friends to it when the subject comes up.


  5. Re: “Why feminism is also dude-ism.”

    As someone who self identifies as a feminist and who has actually been called a feminazi I don’t think the issue is in the name. One of the biggest problems I had when I started talking about womens issues was that when I did speak up I would often be women disagreeing with me. That is an incredibly uncomfortable position even when the issue has a very clear answer; in my early feminism days I ended up backing down in an argument with a family friend that it’s the woman’s job to stay home raise the children. I wouldn’t do that today. It can be feminist to tell a woman that she is wrong about her own rights but as a man you clearly feel the conflict that causes with the core values of feminism. Even now I still struggle with it. Anyway that’s why I think more men do not speak up about feminism.

      1. I logged in with the same account I’ve been logging in since they added the gravatars. Not sure why it suddenly won’t display any more …

        1. Seems to have been some issue with the gravatar profile. WordPress and gravatar merged apparently, but although the gravatar profile still existed (the gravatar showed up on my WordPress profile page), I had to come up with a new profile name that was not “exarch” since my WordPress profile already used that name. Weird … It’s always worked before now.

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