Skepchick Quickies, 3.9


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  1. “At Tuesday’s march, men scolded protesters and said their concerns were not urgent in the aftermath of the uprising.”

    Every fucking time.

    Please explain to me how the majority of your population’s concerns become secondary in the fight for civil rights and liberty. And yet time and time and time again women are told this is the case.

  2. @TheWireMonkey: You know.. you’re simply coming across as too masculine and harsh… are you sure your real problem isn’t that you don’t have a husband/baby?

  3. Diets that involve anything plus a 500-calorie diet disturb me. Surprise! You lose weight!

  4. Hmm, can’t edit in my post in Chrome for some reason? Anyway, hopefully it’s clear that I was seriously voting that for COTW, not sarcastically implying that it’s a joke…

  5. @TheWireMonkey:

    Yeah, this was a point I was going to make on the feminist thread yesterday before it got derailed.

    I can’t just be a “humanist” or “equalist”, because every time I’m just part of a group that wants to help everyone, the issues that disproportionately affect women and girls always get put on the back burner, every fucking time.

    It’s always “Oh, we’ll worry about abortion or the wage gap or breastfeeding in public as soon as we take care of this important stuff first.” Or it’s “How can you worry about that silly women’s issue when there is something worse happening to someone else?” This is why we need feminism specifically and not just humanism or equalism.

  6. If sadness is perceived as feminine, does this mean only lesbians will like be because of my depression?

  7. You know, I stopped using Pandora because of ads for homeopathic hCg. I complained to them about the fraudulent product they were pushing and they told me to upgrade my account so I didn’t have to hear ads.. no thx, grooveshark for me :P

  8. @catgirl: Too right. Every time I hear the “Why aren’t you focusing on ? Time waster!” argument, I want to slap someone. First, who are you to decide what issue is too important for ME to care about? Second, pick ANY issue – ANY – and I can name three that are more important/deserving/what-have-you. In that twisted logical wasteland, nothing EVER gets done.

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