Skepchick Quickies 3.1


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I’m no fan of the anti-vaccers, but I hope “child killers” doesn’t become a popular synonym. It might play in the skeptical crowd, but I can’t see it doing anything but turning off the on-the-fencers (who are the low hanging fruit of the vaccination ‘war’).

    I wonder if those who look to Suzanne Somers for Cancer advice would do the responsible thing and get a second opinion from Janet?

  2. @redsky: The only way to get rid of cancer is to pretend you’re gay so that cancer will allow you to share an apartment with two unmarried women or something. Come and knock on our door, we’ve been waitng for you…

  3. I need to word associate better; all I could picture was a cloven-hooved Kiwi sporting a pair of horns, a tail, and a lab coat accepting an award.

    I think it broke my brain.

  4. @mrmisconception: Tassie is in Oz, not New Zealand, Lots of blokes get confused, but no worries, mate!

    (Sorry, in the middle of reading Terry Pratchett’s The Last Continent.)

  5. From the Xtian “bananas” foster;

    “All we wanted was to offer a loving home to a child in need. We have a good track record as foster parents. But because we are Christians, with mainstream Christian views on sexual ethics, we are apparently unsuitable as foster parents.”

    Objection! I would like challenge that first sentence your honor! It does not conform to the facts at hand!

    Apperantly overruled, alright!

    Also, your honor, I would like to put forth that these are NOT mainstream Christian views, but rather backwards, outdated Christian views. No further questions, your honor.

    this episode of Matlock was brought to you by


    and Depends.

    a-a-a-a-nd scene.
    *feeling theatrical today*

  6. While I will agrree with Dr. Lerner for the most part, this statement doesn’t set right.

    Here Ms. Somers may have a point. Although oncologists are surely under no obligation to promote therapies they believe are useless or harmful, patients — especially those who want to explore every possible avenue — have the right to know that there are unorthodox cancer therapies that some people believe are helpful.

    Really? So doctors should tell their patients about every single crackpot idea that some dope thinks helps in the name of full disclosure? Should they also point out that there is a loaded pistol in the closet too? In full disclosure.

    Just saying.

  7. @redsky I wonder if those who look to Suzanne Somers for Cancer advice would do the responsible thing and get a second opinion from Janet?

    Made me laugh in a rather dull day. COTW.

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