Skepchick Quickies 10.26


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. @catgirl: It seems to me that Big Pharma would profit far more from the anti-vax movement because they’d make tons more money treating diseases than preventing them.

    I think this would require a cartel. Otherwise one company would get the minor profit from the vaccine and scoop their competitors. Good thing we have a government that views business regulation as necessary to the well-being of its citizens and will prevent this sort of behavior…, oh, wait… shit. Never mind.

  2. Koala AIDS is new to me, but there are immunodeficiency viruses in many animal species. I see FIV (Feline) every day, and of course there is SIV (Simian). It is hypothesized that HIV is a mutation of SIV.

  3. @ James Fox: Thanks for pointing that out. It can also affect your kids. Users just have to be respectful of the fact that it is absorbed through the skin — any skin! The cynical part of me says people are too dumb to use transdermals unless they are in a patch.

  4. Clearly, House doesn’t have a large enough viewing audience amongst menopausal women/older men. The show addressed the hormone cream danger to other parties some time ago. [And no, I don’t in any way take the “medicine” on a TV show as gospel, but it does, occasionally, spur questions that can be researched/asked of a real physician.]

    One of my cats has a fondness for Keihl’s facial moisturiser. I have to be careful not to let her lick my face, because I cannot imagine ingesting something that has a variety of ingredients toxic to felines, in however slight a concentration, would be good for her.

  5. @mrmisconception: Why? Just… why? And they picked the world’s cutest tasmanian devil to head the article, like he’s saying, “I have cancer. Where’s your god now???”

    I also found it noteworthy that Koala AIDS is called KIDS. Mostly because you can say, with the utmost gravitas, “Koala populations are in danger of being completely decimated by KIDS. The worst thing to ever happen to koalas, KIDS. God, I just hate KIDS so much! Damn you, KIDS!”

    For real.

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