Skepchick Quickies 8.5

  • Money for science, not snake rubber – Power Balance, the company that makes those little rubber bracelets that are supposed to cure everything, ” has just announced that it is throwing it’s pseudo-scientific product’s support behind the actual science of cancer research. As thoughtful as that might sound, don’t assume for a moment that they’ve become a philanthropic organization. It’s still sell sell sell.”
  • Man charged in semen attacks – “A Maryland man is accused of squirting semen from a bottle onto shoppers at two Gaithersburg stores and police are looking for other potential victims.” Where’s Cute Animal Friday when you need it? From Brian.
  • The brain eating vaccine conspiracy – What happens when the Daily Mail and Alex Jones get ahold of real science. From cerberus40.
  • Transcending the nature/nurture debate – “While the nature/nurture debate rages in the mass media, most scholars reject it altogether.  Instead, social scientists and biologists alike recognize that our behavior and psychology is the result of an interaction between nature and nurture.” A very cool example follows.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I think we need to look at the evidence for the brain eating vaccine. After reading Alex Jones’ articles and seeing his videos, it is easy to conclude that something is eating his brain. While this by itself isn’t proof that there is a brain eating vaccine, it is evidence that the stupid is destroying his frontal lobe. I suggest more research.

  2. @marilove: I reckon there’s some folks out there with their Google Readers set for ‘Kill’. Though I don’t read Wired articles often enough. Are the commenters always so… um… like that?

    @Zapski: Yeah, I’ve been needing one since yesterday.
    Cute Animal Friday: I want to go to there.

  3. @marilove: I think the commenters were sent there by Alex Jones or one of his minions. Unless they go after Wired often, it’s probably the 1st time many of them have ever commented there. If after reading many of the comments, it is apparent that they are all saying pretty much the same things in the same words, then they are probably working off a talking points script, which is a dead giveaway. Unfortunately, I’ll never know for sure, since I felt the large black voids developing in my frontal lobes, and if I had continued reading, I would have gone all sociopath on them. I had to bail out about 1/2 way down the 1st page of comments, and there about 8 more pages!

    BTW, this month’s book for our local skeptics book club is Them (Jon Ronson), in which Alex Jones figures prominently…

  4. Wow… the comments over on the Wired site are some of the craziest I’ve seen in awhile. Sometimes I forget how truly crazy/stupid people can be. Then I read something like that am reminded.

  5. @Buzz Parsec: The comments are about average for Wired articles. That’s why I stop reading anything on wired.com once I get to the end of the article. I’m not saying that constructive comments have never been posted to a Wired article; it’s just that they are buried in so much burning stoopid that it’s not worth the effort to find them.

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