Skepchick Quickies 7.15


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. @davehodg:

    Hmm, Dr. Jed Macosko is a legitimate researcher. Not an amazing one, but he has contributed to a couple of decent structural Biology papers.
    He seems to do proper science when it does not interfere with his ridiculous ideas about Evolution.
    I doubt the same could be said about anyone from Liberty university.

    The thing about this game is that I thought the science was actually really good for later school or early undergrad level and I had bit of a closer look to see if they have any propaganda in there, it’s pretty clean. They of course used the Platypus and it turns out that in the universe of the game Platypus are actually from another planet and you engineer Amoeba so they will turn into Platypus on earth and continue the population.
    This is the only point that I think could contribute to the ID agenda. And it obviously plays on their favorite example. But you wouldn’t understand this point if you where not familiar with ID arguments and it would seem like a sci-fi plot point to justify the game.

    What I am a bit worried about is ID proponents being perceived as more legitimate in all fields of biology simply because they accurately contribute to undergrad Molecular Biology games aimed to educate students.
    Next thing you know they will bring one out on the Evolution and people will eat it up. :/


  2. For a second, I was afraid that a cause I support was going to be on the list-The West Memphis 3.

    These boys were arrested because some kids were killed, and these kids were goths in Arkansas in the early 90’s. They were accused of performing a satanic ritual, and 1 was sentenced to death, and the others life in prison.

    Even the family of the victims have switched over and has said that these three are innocent.

    I hope I’m supporting the correct side here, not the side that will win, or the side most popular, but the side that has the facts right. I just hope that this side becomes the other two sides before it’s too late.

  3. Infinitemonkey, I know that documentary films aren’t necessarily the best evidence, but have you seen the two about the WM3? In the second one, where the stepdad (and father of the kid who got killed) HAD THIS ENTIRE SET OF TEETH REMOVED?!!! (after they started analyzing the bite marks on the dead kid’s penis)

    Also, I’m so glad that Mumia and Peltier were on there. That shit drives me nuts. Throw in che Guevara for good measure.

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