Skepchick Quickies 4.27


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I like that word. And the comic so neatly captures a number of conversations I’ve had in the past.

  2. Dossey concludes his essay by deploring the underrepresentation of women in the sciences.

    I wonder how NOT teaching school kids about science is possibly going to change that in any way?

  3. I can’t help thinking that people who deplore the scientific method are secretly terrified that it will show them to be morons … Oh, wait … I just had a dumbpiphany!

  4. Great, think of all the conservative religious idiots that are going to complain about Genie being on welfare.

  5. @Andrés Diplotti: Yeah. Maybe we should create a Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor site ourselves.
    While I can draw neat cartoons, though, I don’t have the webdesign skills to set up a site where people can simply upload their cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed (or other religious figures). :~(

  6. I only know basic html, so I can’t help either with the website design. But maybe we could create a blog and post submitted drawings. I’m thinking of participating, regardless of the fact the cartoonist has backed down.

  7. Just read the Dossey article (WTF is wrong with Huff Po these days?). At the byline was this: “Author of ‘The Power of Premonitions'”. Might explain his idiocy and science-hatred. His pet woo, “premonitions”, is obviously incompatible with the scientific method.

    Then the idiot even argued that scientists work alone (even though they don’t, always) because the Nobel prizes are not awarded to teams (even though they are, sometimes). So people only do science in order to win the Nobel prize? I wonder if he figured that out, or gleaned it via premonition?

    I love the fact that the only person in the comments that really agreed with him was Alison Rose Levy, the Huff Po alt-med crazy.

  8. I think skeptics should create their own Facebook page(I’m thinking about doing it, but I’d appreciate some feedback first). Looks like the creator of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”, the FB event, is backing down too. The page description is now a pain to read!

    If we do though, it would have to be a fan page so that people can upload their pictures.

  9. Perhaps a space for general poking fun at religion would be even better. The whole mohammed-thing is current, but generally I have no desire to single out islam – there’s plenty of criticism to level at christianity (whatever denomination), judaism, hinduism, asatru et.c.

    @DataJack: “So people only do science in order to win the Nobel prize? I wonder if he figured that out, or gleaned it via premonition?”
    I think we both know the answer to that.

    @DataJack: “So the remaining question is: does this apply to ALL religions?”
    I would say “probably” with the caveat that there may exist some religions of which I’m not aware that it does not apply to. I don’t have all the answers (as I’m not a religious type).

  10. @Rei Malebario: Perhaps a space for general poking fun at religion would be even better.

    I was thinking about that too. Like a FB “Great Desecration” fan page type of thing (after PZ’s epic blog post) where nothing would be held sacred. I’ll have to find out later if something like it is already in existence.

  11. I do not have any skills when it comes to drawing, but I’d gladly provide a terrible picture of the prophet.

    However, on my blog I recently made a brilliant decision based on the Islamic model. My new faith will consider Britney Spears a prophet, and any pictures of her will result in a death sentence against the photo-takers and anyone involved in their publication. If they treat my faith like they do Islam then I just rid the world of one more obnoxious pop star diva!

  12. @DataJack:
    This “no depicting Mohammad” nonsense is a perfect illustration (heh) of why some religions are the antithesis of logic (and, dare I say it, skepticism).

    Here goes the second try …

    Actually, the Islamic rule of not depicting Allah or Mohammed makes perfect sense. It originated from the idea of preventing people from idolising “graven images” rather than the concept behind them.

    There’s a reason most christians in the west think that Jesus was a white dude with long blond hair, even though in reality he was anything but that (if he even existed at all).

    As such, it’s actually logical to prohibit those depictions, because nobody really knows what god looks like anyway.

    Of course, like with everything else, this is just another rule taken to its extreme by the fundies, to the detriment of the religion as a whole.
    But it’s why we love the fundies, because every time they do something like this, we get to mock them mercilessly for their idiocy …

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