Skepchick Quickies 4.23


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I have always loved bats. Our house totems are bats and cheetahs. [Which are also cute.]

    I really need a TARDIS. Not to go anywhere, mind you; just to have a place to put all the books.

  2. Fluoride propaganda – This is not a story about a conspiracy theorist, it is a study on how not to do reporting. CT nut (CTN) says fluoride is toxic, causes multiple diseases, causes cancer, and “multiple studies accumulated over the decades” back him up.

    ADA & CDC say fluoride in tap water is perfectly safe, has been awarded “one of the great health achievements of the 20th century”, and CTN is making this up.

    CTN replies that lots of science supports his position, and some dentists (his) agree with him, therefore the opinion that its safe is NOT unanimous.

    Fox News conclusion: I guess we’ll never know who is right!

    Not ONCE did they ask any one to back up their claims for science or “studies” that support them. They treat claims of science and studies as opinions, and therefore everyone is equally entitled to them.

  3. Clients from Hell story: Client: ”I see. No, we need a designer who is…you know, not in league with the devil.”

    Best line ever.

  4. it’s like Japan is under the misconception that robots have to be a Faustian bargain. they are insanely useful and well made….but have the price of causing nightmares. Does every robotocist in Japan have the last name Farnsworth?

  5. Yikes. That bot is a lip-reader’s nightmare. Since the video was lacking captions, I thought I’d provide a transcript. Here’s what the speech bot has to say:


    Fortunately, we Deaf people have better things to say in sign languages which are also a lot more attractive to look at. Language is not synonymous with speech.

  6. @Amberjoy:
    That is exactly what the robot was saying. It wasn’t supposed to be speaking, just making human-like sounds. It’s not advanced enough to speak yet. Actually, the sounds were creepy as hell, too.

    I don’t think the point is to replace sign language, just to help people who are working on vocal speech. The article wasn’t really clear on how it’s supposed to do that, though.

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