Skepchick Quickies 2.11


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The Unitarian Jihad – that’s brilliant! As someone who is dispassionately absolutely foaming-at-the-mouth bat-shit reasonable, I want in.

  2. i wonder what the effects of a sensationalized drama of the death and suffering inflicted unto people buying into the crap oprah shells out on a daily basis would be? sounds like a masters degree in the works, people…

  3. Unitarian Jihad is all kinds of awesome. Literally.

    And why did the DNA also reveal that he was pissed off? Or is he pissed about the mullet? Like, “Oh fuck, my face gets resurrected and they gave me hockey hair, the bastards!”

    Or maybe he’s pissed about the Unitarian Jihad?

    So many questions…

  4. Anyone know how they can figure out body mass based on the DNA? How accurately will this really predict facial characteristics- because that could have implications in criminal investigations. A DNA sample could mean the ability to create an artist’s sketch of a suspect, even without an eye witness.

  5. The DNA sequencing story, when combined with the story about determining the color of feathers on dinosaurs, really amazes me, and makes me happy we live in such a wonderful age of science. Can’t wait to see the surprises of the future.

  6. The Unitarian Jihad reminds me of a quote from the ’60s: “Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.”

    Now I’m envisioning a Quaker Jihad, but their document might have large blank spaces.

  7. My wife and I have chosen to join the Jihad.

    Her name shall be known henceforth as “Sister Petawatt Laser of Shiny Happy Blazing Justice.” My name, however, is still tied up in committee.

    Watching Oprah can also make you a mindless drone, which our all-powerful Illuminati reptilian overlords also think will make you a better person. Coincidence?

    Maybe too much sugar today. :/

  8. Or is he pissed about the mullet? Like, “Oh fuck, my face gets resurrected and they gave me hockey hair, the bastards!”


  9. @BonnieBeth: Cool. I am Brother Dagger of Mild Reason. Fitting, I’d say.

    BTW, the Oprah Effect is well known in social psychological circles. It occurs when a person has watched so many ridiculous Oprah episodes that he/she begins shouting and jumping up and down on couches, then he/she writes a tell-all book that’s filled with fabricated life-changing events. Some people have an additional side effect which includes a total loss of critical thinking skills…sort of like a pre-frontal lobotomy. ;-)

    Seriously, the effect in the “Oprah study” could have been achieved using ANY clip of people doing good deeds, so MSNBC is just adding fuel to the Oprah fire, and that makes me sad.

    @Grand Lunar: I’m taking it one step further and declaring that the human race was “fathered” by Klingons. Adam was a Klingon. It’s so obvious, now.

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