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AI: Deliver Us From Bob Larson

Pastor Bob Larson, is Doing What Jesus Did by appearing in an upcoming reality TV show entitled Possessed!

This show will follow Larson across the States as he delivers people from their demons, as part of his spiritual warfare mission.

He’s been looking for possessed participants for his show, and so, needing to be exorcised of my sex addiction I applied to be on his show. I haven’t heard back from the producers just yet.

What demons do you need exorcised?

The Afternoon Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Skepchick community. Look for it to appear daily at 3pm ET.

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  1. Sad to say I have actually been exorcised. It was fairly harrowing. On the plus side, I’ve been demon-free for 22 years!

    I could do with having my ‘singing to my cat’ demon cast out, I think it’s caused a few local suicides and I even noticed the cat eyeing the medicine cabinet.

  2. My demons exorcise daily. I don’t think they need a professional trainer. I do wish, however, that they’d stop having towel fights in the gym, which inevitably leads to a stream of screaming naked people running out of the locker room.

  3. @Tracy King: Yikes, was not expecting that story so soon in the thread. Do tell.

    Friends and family might disagree, but I am pretty demonless at this point. I have also been frolick-free for several years.

  4. I’ll be happy to help with the sex addiction exorcism. ;)

    As for me, food, that’s what I need dealt with. Or better yet, the depression.

  5. I’m not letting anyone steal my demons any more than I’m letting those Queer Eye guys come take away any of my guy-ish crap.


  6. @JamieF: Meh, stupid religion. My father died in an unpleasant way when I was 12, we were all born-again Christians at the time, part of a Church of Christ led by an American minister, all very trendy for old-fashioned England. I was heavily traumatised as you would be at that age (or any, frankly), the church read my behaviour and emotional issues as demonic possession and suggested an exorcism. I agreed (was scared to death because I believed them and wanted the demons out), so the minister and the church elder came round to our house and we all prayed together (my mom was there, obviously), and then they did a load of casting out nonsense and when they yelled the final casting out ‘BEGONE’ bit, I fell backwards into their arms as you’re meant to.

    I clearly recall falling on purpose knowing it was expected of me, and at that point thinking “ohhh, it’s all fake! Now I get it”. DING! One atheist in the making :D Still, scary stuff. I had a few sleepless nights after.

    It did me no real harm because I also had a state-provided child psychologist. Had I not had actual help as well then I can easily see the potential for harm. I am annoyed with the church people for not knowing better, but not annoyed with my mom because she was as traumatised as I at that point in her life. The only sad thing is that unlike me, she didn’t get any proper help until, believe it or not, last year.

    Better late than never. Religion may righteously fuck off, though.

  7. @Tracy King: What a thing to live through. Hugs to you and your mom.

    I remember having the same “this is all fake” feeling when I was baptized. Ironic.

    Seems so medieval, that attitude. And now Bob is making even more of a farce out of it. Maybe it will lead to a very public expose and we can all rest a little easier?

  8. I can’t believe Bob Larson is still around. I used to listen to him and John Hagee for entertainment. They both liked to preach about how satanic cults were everywhere killing babies and having orgies and somehow this was all connected to Ouija boards and Dungeons and Dragons.

    I’m actually kinda excited.

  9. I am posessed by a demon which makes it impossible for me to distinguish genuine fundie-woo websites from satirical parodies. Please advise.

  10. My pesky Demon of Procrastination, which is currently making it quite difficult for me to study. :<

    The demon likes to read Skepchick, though…

  11. I can’t hear the name Bob Larson without thinking of a song by one of my favorite bands: The Root of All Evil (Bring me the head of Bob Larson) by The Electric Hellfire Club.
    (Hmm. I can’t find a decent link.)

  12. “Over the last 30 years, he’s performed more than 10,000 exorcisms around the world…”

    He keeps busy – that’s about one per day. How does he even find people in “need” of exorcisms that quickly?

  13. @tracy: Smart ass that I am, I probably would have just stood there with a smirk on my face. Maybe did a Mr. Spock “raised eyebrow” thing. I never bought that stuff even when I was a believer. I certainly don’t now.

    At least Jesus provided the audience with some entertainment by casting the demons into a herd of swine, forcing them to drown themselves in the river. Maybe PETA got pissed after that one?

    @DominEditrix: COTW!

  14. Well, see I have this friend, Mephistopheles, and Meph just has this problem with humans repeatedly calling out his name, or harassing him for no good reason. He’d really like the human infestation to be exorcised.

  15. Is this the same Bob Larson who had a radio show in the 1980s and constantly attacked rock music and Satanism with it?

    I admired the man when I was a Southern Baptist. Since then I have regarded him as one of the worst con artists in all of America! What a lunatic!

  16. @Dale Husband: When you play rock records backwards at slow speed, they fuck up your mind. Hence Bob Larson after too many hours of listening to non-existent “messages” on records.

    I wonder if he’s figured out how to play CD’s backwards on his phonograph yet? ;-)

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