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  • Photo of AI: Fred Phelps, Lover of the Gayz

    AI: Fred Phelps, Lover of the Gayz

    It’s possible you’ve heard by now the news of Fred Phelps alleged late-in-life conversion to LGBT equality. Actually, that might be overstating things. Zacharias Phelps-Roper, grandson of Phelps and former member of the Westboro Baptist Church, published a statement via the Equality House Facebook page that stated that his grandfather had a change of heart just prior to his excommunication…

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  • Photo of TBT: Does This Last Name Make My Feminism Look Big?

    TBT: Does This Last Name Make My Feminism Look Big?

    This post originally aired via the intertubes on June 15, 2010. And it makes me smile, a lot. It was one of the first times I ever wrote about anything and technically labeled it as feminist. At the time, we had barely touched on such topics. We were a skeptic blog that focused on women’s issues but I for one…

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  • Photo of AI: Science Burgers

    AI: Science Burgers

    If you haven’t been reading the news lately, you may have missed the hoopla surrounding the consumption of the world’s first lab-grown beef burger. Basically, scientists have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years to culture what is apparently a fairly bland burger (not enough fat, I presume). The science behind cell culture and tissue engineering is amazing. Scientists…

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  • Photo of AI: Childfree and Fabulous

    AI: Childfree and Fabulous

    The upcoming issue of TIME Magazine is going to run a cover story by Lauren Sandler on the Childfree lifestyle and how “having it all” can mean not having children. And as a childfree, happily married woman I thought to myself, fuck yeah! You know what? I am content this way even with the sad, tilted-head looks I get from…

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  • Photo of AI: Welcome White Lady Shoppers!

    AI: Welcome White Lady Shoppers!

    After George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder, the talk everywhere was focused how different life is when you’re white vs when you’re not white. Because I’m not an asshole, I got that. I understood that. At least in a way that acknowledges this difference. But one thing I kept hearing repeatedly was how people of color get followed in stores.…

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  • AI: What to Call Non-Alt Med?

    Yesterday, Carrie Poppy and I had a great conversation sparked by my re-tweeting of Sarah Moglia. Click here for the full conversation. Basically, I used the term “Western medicine” which Carrie called out for its potentially xenophobic implications, suggesting “standard medicine” instead. Sarah agreed that the term “Western medicine” is problematic. The problem with “standard,” of course, is that…

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  • Photo of AI: Body Integrity Identity Disorder and Wanting to be Disabled

    AI: Body Integrity Identity Disorder and Wanting to be Disabled

    Chloe Jennings-White is a healthy, able-bodied. 58 year-old research scientist who lives part of her life in wheelchair. She lives this way not by necessity, but by choice. Chloe suffers from what is known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder. She has perfectly healthy legs and even has been known to ski, but she identifies and sees herself as a person…

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  • AI: Forced to learn to like learning new things

    This summer I made plans to run more and write more. I put my son in theater camp and enrolled my daughter in preschool and I was going to do nothing but sit on my laptop, churning out Skepchick content as if my couch were a critical thought sweatshop, only taking breaks so I can get in at least 30…

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