Brits Mocking Ray Comfort’s Banana

It’s old news to most of us, which makes it all the more hilarious to watch a new audience be exposed to the idiocy of Ray Comfort claiming the banana proves intelligent design created it for sodomy human consumption.

No embedding for some horrible, possibly misguided reason so click here to watch on YouTube.

Oh, and don’t miss the same show (You Have Been Watching) address Bibleman. Seriously, they must think Americans are total douches.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor.

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  1. A couple of good clips from one of Charlie Brooker’s other shows, Screenwipe:

    On TV psychics:

    And on an odd Christian kids show:

    And from the related Newswipe, a good segment, made even better by Ben Goladacre talking about the MMR vaccine scare:

  2. That video never gets old.

    Some of the best parts are Kirk Cameron’s reactions to Ray’s comments – almost as if he realized that from that point forward his career was going to be associated with a blownana job.

  3. Well, the banana as we know it WAS intelligently designed…by humans. We crossbred all of the good characteristics into it – like the toothbreaking seeds. Every banana is essentially a clone – because they spread through corms.

    The history of the banana is actually fascinating – wars, coups plant diseases and commercial rivalries, plus the natural history of the plant.

  4. The Bibleman bit took me back to my fundy days as a kid. I was exposed to a lot of bad Xian fiction with all kinds of messages and Bible verses. Bad flashback.

  5. “Seriously, they must think Americans are total douches.”
    It can seem that way but by generous application of the skeptic’s guide, pharyngula and, of course, this place, that image can be modified to a few smart people surrounded by a sea of douches. I suspect that’s still a little unfair. Also, I’d never actually heard of a douche till I started reading Blogs and was stunned to discover people actually use them.

  6. I always wondered what Comfort thinks about oranges. They are the most delicious but most difficult and messy fruit. Does that mean it’s actually a sin to eat them? Or is it some kind of test of faith? Or maybe the Designer was having an off day when he made them.

  7. @noisician: Oh. Man. Thanks for posting this, I would have felt bad about the spoiler — but when he snapped that line off I passed an entire cup of coffee through my nose. Cripes! Now, I am going to start giggling uncontrollably during my 11AM meeting and nobody is going to know why.

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