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    Politeness as Manipulation: Ray Comfort

    In addition to helping fund-raise for the Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference this year, I’ve been a volunteer for the con since its first year and spoke there last year. People who knew I was there asked me if I ran into Ray Comfort. When I’ve told them that I left during the dinner break, they have lamented the fact that I missed out on…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: All this Kirksy Politically Correct bullshit

    Last week, Maria wrote a post titled “Things to do When the Internet Makes You Crazy“. Then we got a commenter who pointed out that “crazy” isn’t a very nice term, that it’s ableist and belittling to people who suffer from mental illness. Maria changed the word “crazy” in the title to “enraged”. But the comment sparked a lot of…

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  • Ray Comfort’s Personal Cartoonist

    As people may know, I make comics about religion.  But, they’re created from the standpoint of an Atheist.  Of course, one of my goals is to get people to start thinking about religion and ultimately start questioning their belief system.  Recently, I found a cartoonist with the exact same goals but a completely different perspective. Richard Gunther is a New…

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  • Don’t Let Ray and Kirk Deface Darwin

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  • Brits Mocking Ray Comfort’s Banana

    It’s old news to most of us, which makes it all the more hilarious to watch a new audience be exposed to the idiocy of Ray Comfort claiming the banana proves intelligent design created it for sodomy human consumption. No embedding for some horrible, possibly misguided reason so click here to watch on YouTube. Oh, and don’t miss the same…

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  • Happy Birthday & A YouTube Gift

    Hey, did you know it’s Skepchick Jen’s birthday today? Well, you do now. Wish her well in the comments and/or on Twitter! I met Jen for the first time two weeks ago, when she magically appeared in my wedding party, and she was an incredible, vibrant, smart woman who I can’t wait to meet again. In the meantime, I’ll just…

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